I love cooking infomercials a little too much. Give me Mick and Mimi and their magic bullet infomercial anyday! We all have a weird quirk right? Haha! I can thank them for this idea. Max and Mimi use cream and chocolate syrup. I have changed it slightly. I use drinking milk powders as well. I recently started as a Your Inspiration At Home consultant and noticed they recommend this as a dessert on the back of their milk powders too! 
This is a very quick mousse/flavoured cream. You don’t want too much of this. Trust me on this one! 
I eat this as a mousse with fresh fruit generally. Today I used a YIAH Chocolate Raspberry powder that I recently discovered and stirred raspberries through it and on top with a little shaved chocolate.
Use it in trifles, to top pavlova, in chocolate cases, alongside brownies, in brandy snaps, layered in cake with fresh strawberries to name a few.
You can vary the flavours with the milk powders or syrups you use. A caramel or strawberry syrup would work well. A white chocolate or mocha powder makes a great mousse. A banana flavoured powder would work really well for banoffie pie or a banana trifle. A dark chocolate mousse along with a mudcake would be delicious. The list really is endless. 
30 Second Mousse
Yields 300
Dessert in 30 seconds? Yes please!
  1. 300ml thickened cream
  2. 1.5 tablespoons milk chocolate powder or chocolate syrup
  1. Place cream and syrup/powder in tmx.
  2. Attach whisk attachment.
  3. Blitz on speed 4 for 30 seconds.
  4. It may take a little less or longer so just keep an eye on it.
  1. Adjust the amount of powder or syrup to suit your tastes.
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