Disclosure current from 1st June, 2014. Last updated August 2014.

The Road to Loving my Thermo Mixer is a personal food blog owned, written and maintained by me. It is intended for those who own a thermo cooker or mixer however most recipes are easily adaptable to traditional methods of cooking. Any questions about my blog, Facebook page or recipes can be emailed to me using our contact form.

I am not employed, compensated or endorsed in any way by any thermo mixer or cooker companies unless clearly specified. I am not a Thermomix consultant nor am I a food expert or professional. I’m just someone exploring their machine and posting about their journey.

The opinions, thoughts and reviews expressed on this website are my own and are not influenced by payment or relationships with businesses and advertisers.

I often do product reviews that are relevant to cooking, food and Thermo Mixers.  All opinions and experiences are entirely my own and are honest and transparent at all times. I do not post about products I have been unhappy with or that I don’t think are of value to my readers. I do receive free samples for these reviews and are on occasion compensated for these. This is clearly identified at the beginning and end of the post.

I have affiliate relationships with some businesses. This means that I receive a small percentage of sales made through these links from the business. I receive nothing from you just clicking on them.  These do not cost or affect you or your purchase. I use this money to help with the large monthly costs involved with running my website. You will see these links in relevant posts. If a post contains an affiliate link it will clearly state so at the end of the post.

I have advertising spaces available one the website for businesses. I receive payment or product for these.

I use a Thermomix for all my recipes. More information about a Thermomix can be found at www.thermomix.com.au