This recipe is from the EDC March 2011 edition Meatloaf and Red Sauce pg 100-101

I tweaked it slightly by not placing ingredients in the middle of the meatloaf and added extra veg to the mince mix.

This was a hit with my kiddies. There was nothing leftover at all much to my surprise given how big the meatloaf actually is. I thought it would be too big so left a portion of the mince meat aside and rolled these into 8 meatballs and popped into the freezer for a quick meal for the kiddies another night. There is a lot of sauce leftover. I have popped this into 2 containers and into the freezer for another day to serve over pasta or on the meatballs mentioned earlier.
The sauce needed a little more flavour however I love that it was made from vegetables and the kiddies devoured it. I will have to make it again and tweak the flavours slightly. Id perhaps make my own meatloaf recipe and cook in the varoma however as it was much quicker compared to cooking in the oven.