Well I have done food. I have done soy candles. I’ve also done children’s homemade art and craft supplies. 

Time for some home and beauty products made in the tmx don’t you think?

This is the first time I’ve actually made this. I used to buy this at an expensive store but to save some pennies I thought I’d give it at home.

This can be used in the shower as a body scrub but I’ll keep it in the laundry and kitchen as a hand scrub. It’s good to use after working with dough as it helps get the dried on bits off. Use and wash off with warm to hot water. You can follow up with soap if you like.

This is to personal preference. Some people like it runnier while others prefer it drier and more gritty. Use as much of as little oil as you like. Mine is a little runnier than I hoped. Next time I will use about 3/4 cup of oil.


Lemon Hand Scrub
A refreshing scrub perfect for gardeners after working in the garden.
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 2 lemons
  2. 300g raw or brown sugar
  3. 1/2 - 1 cup of olive or coconut oil
  1. Remove peel from lemons and blitz on speed 8 for 5 secs.
  2. Add juice of lemons and sugar.
  3. Stir on soft spoon and drizzle oil in through the hole.
  4. You want a nice paste. Use as much or as little oil to your preference.
  1. The sugar does settle over time so just give your container a little shake once a day or so. If you use it much less just shake when you go to use it or every week or so.
  2. It should last a about a month or two. If you keep it in the fridge it will last even longer.
  3. I will leave mine out otherwise I'll forget to use it.
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