Making shaped crackers or cookies

//Making shaped crackers or cookies
I often get asked about how I make shaped cookies or crackers without ruining the shape of them between cutting and placing them on a baking mat. I thought I’d share what I do.

1. Roll out the dough on the mat you intend to bake them on. 



2. Using your desired cutter cut your shapes out. Keep in mind you will need some space between them especially if making biscuits or cookies as they do grow in size. I’m making crackers here so  they can be closer together. Try to utelise the space and get as many in as you can (can you see I forgot that until halfway through today! Haha).
3. Lift away the excess dough. Be careful not to lift your cut outs away.  I then repeat for a second tray of biscuits/crackers. Any small scraps I just flatten out on a corner of the tray and cut out the shape.


4. Ready to be baked! Place mat on baking tray. I find the crackers or biscuits don’t move. 




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