Originally posted to our Facebook page 12th December 2013.
I wish the photo showed how delicious these are. They are right up there with the Mars Bar Balls I posted last week.
Chocolate and raspberries are always a winner in my book. The tartness of the raspberries, the bitterness from the cocoa and the sweetness from the condensed milk is deeeeeeeeelicious!!! It all just works. Let’s just say I didn’t stop at one.
Raspberry Filled Chocolate Balls
Yields 22
This just works so well. You cant beat raspberry and chocolate together.
  1. 250g shortbread biscuits, broken up
  2. 25g cocoa powder
  3. 200g sweetened condensed milk
  4. 22 frozen raspberries (fresh are too delicate)
  5. Coconut for rolling
  1. Place biscuits into tmx bowl. Blitz on speed 7 until desired consistency. These can be as fine or coarse as you like.
  2. Add cocoa and blitz on speed 5 for 6 seconds.
  3. Add condensed milk and blitz on speed 4 until a dough forms.
  4. I was able to roll straight away but if you find the shapes collapse slightly, refrigerate it for 30 mins or so.
  5. Get a small piece of "dough", flatten slightly and place a raspberry in the middle and mould the dough around it. Roll into a smooth ball shape and roll in coconut.
  6. I keep mine in the fridge.
  1. If you find the dough isn't sticky enough to roll in coconut add a little bit more condensed milk.
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