Well goodness me! Is there anything this machine cant do?
Tonight my partner was craving my Tuscan Chicken Pasta but we didn’t have any cream. “Can’t you just make some?” he asks. Brilliant idea. I had saved this link for some time after finding it for a liker and thought I would give it a whirl tonight.  Success!!!! It looks and tastes exactly like cream and has worked brilliantly in the dish. I would go a far as to say this is the best tasting version of this dish I’ve ever made.
I’ve used half for tonights dinner and whipped the other half once cook to serve alongside cake.
I did the maths and worked out its cheaper to make this 500ml pouring cream than it is to buy. Another cost saving. Is it better for the hips? I’m not so sure!  
Click here for the original recipe and notes. *This link no longer appears to work. I suggest trying this link now.