Wow! Tonight we passed 40,000 likers on our Facebook page. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I really wouldn’t have achieved this unbelievable milestone if it wasn’t for you all. I just create and post recipes, hints and ideas and you are the ones sharing them with friends and family, posting on various blogs and via social media. You aren’t asked to do it and you don’t receive anything for doing so, so this is mind blowing to me. To share what I do, to recommend me and to get excited about my recipes is very generous.

I’m still amazed that so many people have liked my page but also stuck around to see what I whip up and post let alone love what I do. I always get a little excited feeling when I read someone has tried my recipe and loved it.

Whilst the word Thermomix may have drawn you in, I hope my posts and recipes are what kept you here.  I’m very proud of TRTLMT community and all the opportunities I have been given and the amazing friends I have made. 8 months ago when I started this never did I think I would see 4000 likes. 40,000 is amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.