I have been very fortunate enough to be given a free sample decal for my Thermomix by ThermoStyle to review but to also offer a special discount to likers of TRTLMT!


What is a TheroStyle decal?
“ThermoStyle decals are quality removable vinyl adhesives that stick to your Thermomix, allowing you to customise your Thermi to suit your Individual Style!
ThermoStyle decals are DESIGNED & MADE right here, in AUSTRALIA!
As well as making your Thermi look great, ThermoStyle decals protect the surface of your Thermomix from light scratches” http://www.thermostyle.com.au/about-us

Below is just a few examples. There are so many more on their website:



Who is the designer?
“ThermoStyle decals are created by me, Aussie Mum & Thermomix user, Felicia McQueen.
I am very passionate about Australian Made, Quality products & now you’re going to hear why! lol…
Basically, Australian made supports local economies & families & is better for the environment. It means less markup, no capitalisation on cheap labour, fairer distribution of $$$ across all industries and persons involved in producing the product and getting it to the consumer. It means lower carbon emissions because products don’t have to travel half-way around the world just to get into the hands of the consumer. Plus, Australian made means good quality, great service and faster delivery!
In all ways, Australian Made just makes sense. It’s the ethical way to shop!” http://www.thermostyle.com.au/about-the-designer


I will admit that when I first saw Thermomix decals on the market I was a little unsure about them. I couldn’t decide if I liked the idea of some Thermomix bling or not. I don’t think I would have tried one if it wasn’t for this review.

After seeing how badly some thermomixes and other thermo cooking machine got stained when spills happened I can now see a need for decals to protect them. Plastic is pourous and can trap smells and stains very quickly so having this protective layer is great! Hey ThermoStyle, your next decal should be for the back of the machine. Surely Im not the only one who turns the machine around only to find it covered in things you cant even remember cooking! You may call it the TRTLMT inspired decal! Haha. Opps, better get back to my point – The decals are so easily cleaned its genius. They are also a bit of fun in the kitchen too!

I was very excited to recieve my package in the mail. In the package I received the decals, shortcut decal and a full page of clear instructions (not shown).
Now I love chevron and teal/blue/green colours so I love this decal (although I have just spotted the Alice in Wonderland decal and MUST have it!). There are so many other designs to choose from however. There are nice subtle designs to elaborate patterns, bright and bold. What I love is how easily you can customise your own decal. You can even have photos of your family, children, animal etc on it! If you don’t want a colour ask ThermoStyle about a plain white decal. They don’t have one available currently on their site but I’m sure there would be a big interest in it for those that want a neutral machine but still protected (ThermoStyle, again you may call it the TRTLMT inspired decal! Im a genius!). 


What I love about the decals is you can also get a shortcut guide with your set that you apply to the side of your machine. Very useful and saves your flicking through your EDC with wet or dirty  hands when you forget a step (I’m not the only one with an EDC full of marks right!?!?!).  

ThermoStyle do a bundle price where they are $12 when purchased with a front decal. See: http://www.thermostyle.com.au/product/shortcuts-for-everyday-basics


I did have a little trouble sticking my main decals on neatly to my machine and it did take a few turns to line it up and smooth out the air bubbles. I think this was probably more user error than anything else. I did have some bubbles trapped under but they were very easy to smooth out.

Because this is a review I played with them quite a bit. Whilst they aren’t recommended for multiple uses (ie: taking on and off several times), I was able to peel mine off, place on the sheet it came on and then reapply to the machine on several occasions as a test. Each time it adhered fine.This is great if you want a few different decals for different holidays, seasons or occasions. I know I like to switch things up regularly so a few decals is great! Just be careful when peeling these off. On my first attempt at peeling it off I did tear the top section slightly on one decal.

I have had mine for a few weeks now and have had no issues with sticky residue remaining after taking the decals off. My kitchen is very bright with a lot of sun and the heat hasn’t affected the adhesive nor has there been any fading or damage to the decal in this time. 

Something I have noticed is the decal doesn’t seem to attract or hold dust unlike some other vinyl products on the market. It may be a fluke but thought it was worth mentioning. 

Last night I experimented with cooking a tomato based sauce. Often coloured sauces stain quite badly but I left some of the drips and splatters on the decal overnight and this morning they wiped off the decal fine and has not stained it. 


Final verdict of product:
Overall I quite like the decal. The quality is strong, clean and a beautiful colour. I of course can only comment on the design I received. I can’t review the quality of any other design and image quality.
I love that for $25.95 (full price) we can easily protect the surfaces of our machines.
The only issue I had was in applying the decal. It was a little tricky lining it up as I mentioned earlier on in this review.


What is the offer?
ThermoStyle are generously offering likers of TRTLMT a 15% off discount until the 5th April 2014. When ordering from www.thermostyle.com.au, simply enter the code TRTLMT in to the shopping cart to receive the 15% discount.

The 15% discount doesn’t apply to Shortcuts, as they are already discounted at the bundled price. 
The discount doesn’t apply to any already reduced items. 
if you have any questions please contact ThermoSytle directly. 
* This is not a paid advertisement.