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Yep. This is an odd one I know but its a good one to have.

I attended a Thermomix Cooking Class a little while ago (If you haven’t been to one I highly recommend attending one in your area. They are good fun, very informative and you get to eat lots of yummy food) where they made a cauliflower soup with virtual bacon dust. The virtual bacon dust wasn’t actually bacon as I had imagined in my head but it gave me this idea which I have been doing for a little while now. For the record the Cauliflower Soup and Virtual Bacon Dust at the cooking class was delicious! 

This is basically bacon that has been semi dried to form a dry bacon “dust”. This is great to sprinkle on top of soups like my Bacon and Red Lentil or my Potato and Bacon Soup. Its great sprinkled on salads especially Ceaser salads, sandwiches and wraps or to use in crackers like my Cheese and Bacon Crackers.

Simply place 5 pieces of short cut bacon into a hot frying pan and cook until dried out and well cooked but not burnt. You may choose to dry this out in a dehydrator or in an oven set to 100 degrees for several hours (each bacon brand will vary in time). Once dried pat the bacon dry with paper towel and place into the bowl of your machine. Blitz as fine as you like it on speed 7. The result shown is from 5 seconds of blitzing. I use mine mainly to top soups with so I like some consistency to it however you can make it into more of a fine dust. It then becomes a great bacon stock powder.

If completely dried out and dehydrated, you can keep this in an airtight container for weeks. When semi drying in the frying pan I keep it in the fridge for three days or so in an airtight container.

This is enough to sprinkle over approximately 6-8 soups. I don’t recommend increasing the quantities unless you have a dehydrator and can completely dry the bacon out and store for longer.



No problem! Use your trusty food processor or stick blender to achieve the same result. Just process the bacon on a medium speed so you have more control over the final texture.


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  1. Lisa August 17, 2014 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Love it, am going to try this in the dehydrator very soon.

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