Kiddie Approved Tomato Sauce

Apologies for the crickets and tumbleweeds blowing  through the website over the last two months. I am currently undergoing a website revamp so I have been working on that and cooking away behind the scenes so when the new site is ready I will have so many delicious recipes for you and your family to enjoy! I can't wait to show you the new site. Exciting times ahead! (Also, apologies for the pop up upon entering the site! I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I had vanished). I have been experimenting with tomato sauce and finally mastered a sauce my kiddies adore! It isn't as tart as [...]

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Chilli, Lime and Coriander Butter

  This recipe comes from The Steaming Issue of The 4 Blades Magazine. This was probably my most favourite issue  to create aside from our current Breakfast Issue. I loved creating new and exciting dishes for the steaming attachment/varoma. This is on piece of a Thermomix I find people don't use enough for various reasons. This is just one of the butters that I created for the issue to accompany steamed corn however this butter is so so versatile. Use it in place of garlic butter in my garlic bread, use it in to of a grilled steak or perhaps fish or place inside of a chicken breast and crumb, similar [...]

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Coconut Rough Dukkah

   Dukkah is a mix of nuts or seeds and other flavourings, usually spices, of choice. This is great to sprinkle on top of ice cream, cheesecakes, cakes or in biscuits. Even cubes of banana bread or plain cake dipped into dukkah is delicious. Fruit dipped in melted chocolate and dukkah is deeeeeelicious! So many different uses. This makes a great Christmas gift packaged in jars with a tag.  

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  I just realised that I have never posted my Passata recipe on the blog. I have quite a few recipes to post that uses it so I thought it is about time to upload it. Everyone has their own take on Passata. Generally it is pure tomatoes with nothing added. Others will add flavouring like garlic or herbs. This is my basic one that includes a hint of garlic, salt and a little olive oil to smooth it. Traditionally seeds and skins are removed but due to the power of the Thermomix I have kept them. You can use this like you do tomato puree or diced tomatoes on [...]

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Caramel Condensed Milk

   This is a my version of homemade Caramel Condensed Milk that I use in baking now and for sweets and deserts. It is similar to Top n' Fill but I think much more delicious. It's luscious, creamy and thick. This is quite a thick condensed milk.  It is great in little tarts shells with some sliced banana and whipped cream or baked in tart shells until firm and drizzled with a little melted chocolate. Why not try it on my famous Lazy Caramel Slice in place of sweetened condensed milk.  

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Pasta Dough

  This is probably my most favourite thing to make at  the moment. So much so I make it on week nights. Once you get the hang of rolling and cutting the dough it becomes very quick to cook. If I am in a rush I'll roll my dough in my pasta maker and then cut into big tagliatelle type strips with a sharp knife. Cook and top with your favourite sauce.   Mix and knead your dough the traditional way - by hand. Simply place you flour in the bench, make a well in the middle and add the remaining ingredients and use your fingers to start mixing the [...]

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Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Paste

  I cant believe I haven't posted this Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Paste recipe yet as it is one of my most used recipes alongside my bread recipe. This should be a staple in all fridges or freezers alongside your vegetable stock concentrate. I love making tomato paste. It adds so much flavour to your your tomato based sauces, pizza bases and breads. What I love about this is you can really vary the flavours to it. Add some chilli if you want to spice things up. Add herbs such as basil, parsley and rosemary for a delicious herb twist. Add lots of garlic for a delicious garlic punch to [...]

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Bacon Dust

  Yep. This is an odd one I know but its a good one to have. I attended a Thermomix Cooking Class a little while ago (If you haven't been to one I highly recommend attending one in your area. They are good fun, very informative and you get to eat lots of yummy food) where they made a cauliflower soup with virtual bacon dust. The virtual bacon dust wasn't actually bacon as I had imagined in my head but it gave me this idea which I have been doing for a little while now. For the record the Cauliflower Soup and Virtual Bacon Dust at the cooking class was [...]

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Peeling Garlic

Did you know it's so much quicker to peel garlic in the tmx? I was shown a YouTube clip on this some time ago and thought Id give it a whirl tonight as I have a tonne of garlic about to sprout. The first attempt was a garlicky, watery mess. Wasn't pretty at all. Second attempt was perfect. My tips: Do one or two bulbs at time at most. I was too adventurous with my first attempt and had about 5. Place garlic cloves in the bowl and cover completely with water. Blitz on reverse, speed 4 at most. Watch it closely. Stop at 5 secs and check it. If [...]

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Icing Sugar

All this talk of Caramel Frosting last night reminded me to show you how easy it is to make your own icing sugar. Those who have had tmx demos will already know this but I thought I would pop it up in case it helps someone. I use two cups of raw or white sugar. Blitz on speed 10 for 10 seconds. Scrape down. Blitz for 30 seconds. Scrape down and let rest for a minute or two to cool slightly. Blitz for 30 seconds.

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Making Rice Flour

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that a few weeks ago I was making shortbread but had ran out of rice flour. I was disappointed and used corn flour instead. Silly me forgot I could make my own!!!! 200g of brown rice blitzed on speed 9 for 2 minutes or until desired consistency is achieved. How easy is that!?

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Grating Cheese

You are all probably well aware but thought Id post just in case. I always get caught up thinking I need to do fancy things with the Tmx and forget its great for simple basics. I wasn't a fan of the tmx grated cheese texture but have since come around. A block of cheese is about $2-4 cheaper than a bag of grated/shredded at my supermarket so have, as of this week, bought a block and grated it in the tmx. I have kept half in a container in the fridge and half in a zip lock bag in the freezer. I'll continue with this. That's just one of the [...]

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Sugar Free “Sprinkles”

I previously posted about my "edible glitter" sprinkles. I know some people would prefer a sugar free alternative. These aren't traditional sprinkles but my boys don't know the difference! They look like sprinkles to them.     

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Quick Herb and Garlic Butter

Everyone has their own version of this. This is my quick version using store bought butter. You can use tmx made butter of course.   Vary the herbs used to suit what you have. Dried or fresh is fine.    I always have some of this in the freezer ready to go for kievs, pull aparts, garlic bread and sauces to name a few.      

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My take on Tahini

This is my take on Tahini using sesame seeds and coconut oil. It gives it a lovely nutty taste. This will be turned into something for the lunchbox. Stay tuned!  

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Caramel Frosting

I was meaning to do chocolate icing for my weetbix slice but ran out of anything that remotely resembled chocolate so caramel icing it was! It's not the healthiest of icings though. A little goes a long way.  

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Thermomade Cream

Well goodness me! Is there anything this machine cant do?   Tonight my partner was craving my Tuscan Chicken Pasta but we didn't have any cream. "Can't you just make some?" he asks. Brilliant idea. I had saved this link for some time after finding it for a liker and thought I would give it a whirl tonight.  Success!!!! It looks and tastes exactly like cream and has worked brilliantly in the dish. I would go a far as to say this is the best tasting version of this dish I've ever made.   I've used half for tonights dinner and whipped the other half once cook to serve alongside [...]

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Edible Glitter

Ok so it isn't glitter as such but these are a great cheap sprinkle alternative for cupcakes! These are so expensive in the shop. I noticed a small tube was close to $5 yesterday so decided to make my own. Too easy!  I'm sure this would work with other healthier sugar varieties.  

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Vanilla Sugar

This is great! Smells delicious. Use this as you would sugar or as icing sugar. It's really good for baking and adds a nice subtle vanilla flavour. I used this in my homemade condensed milk this morning and it added such a nice flavour and smell to it. Note: You don't need to leave it for a week but a week gives it a good flavour. 2-3 days would be fine.

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