22 01, 2014

Garlic Seasoning

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Combine with some olive oil for a yummy marinade or use as a meat rub. This reminds me a little  of souvlaki flavours. Sorry for the mix match of using grams and spoon measurements. Some were hard to get a weight.  

20 01, 2014

Tuscan Seasoning

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This has been a favourite of mine for many many years as its so versatile. It's quite expensive to buy compared to most blends so I thought I would give it a whirl in the tmx. It took awhile to get the right texture. I found table salt or fresh ground salt from the grinder worked best. You may need to change your quantities to suit your tastes.  

6 01, 2014

Krispy Fried Chicken Coating

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The other day I posted my Krispy Fried Chicken and have already had so many people rave about it. I'm also uploading the coating part separately as it would make a good coating for veggies as well as chicken. A spicy version is also available. This is enough for three batches of ten strips. Keep remaining flour in an airtight container. It will last for up to 12 months.