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I am always asked about Costco and what can people buy from there in preparation for their Thermomix to arrive. I am a huge Costco fan. If I could live there I would. Whilst I dont buy everything from there, there are my regular items that I go often to buy. Costco is great for staples.

Costco have a large range of fruit and vegetables as well as a meat section in addition to what I have listed below.

Some of my tips for shopping at Costco:

  • Don’t go in hungry.You’ll walk away with a years supply of cinnamon or a bag of chips bigger than your baby.
  • Take a list with you. You will be tempted by A LOT.
  • You will need to be a member or shop with a member.
  • Don’t expect to find everything you want there. They do not stock everything, may not be the brands you know and love and occasionally items are sold out.
  • Kirkland is Costco’s brand. It is great quality in my opinion.
  • Know your prices. There will be some things that can be bought on special for cheaper elsewhere.
  • Ensure you have room to store your bulk purchases prior to shopping.
  • Take bags with you so you can bag your purchased goodies when you get to the car. There are no bags supplied nor bagging stations.


Common items great for Thermomix cooking

TRTLMT Shopping at Costco Common Items   



These are just some of the most common items I find people buy at Costco. This is just a very small selection. There are hundreds more products available. There are several sites and Facebook pages dedicated to Costco shopping and prices.

Please note: Prices may vary store to store. Whilst I have taken care in recording  these, there may be some errors in recording them by me. This is to be used as a guide only. Current as of September 2014, Canberra store.

 TRTLMT Costco Pricing


Downloadable versions: