If you a subscriber to The 4 Blades Magazine you will know how popular this dessert has been! This Creamy White Chocolate Pudding recipe comes from our Desserts Issue which was released back in July this year. This is my tweaked version. If you want an even quicker version (under 10 minutes!) see The Desserts Issue for recipe. 

This is a delicious quick treat when you need dessert in a hurry or want to make something in advance. It’s simple, uses only a few ingredients, and tastes delicious. You can make this dish go further by stirring some fresh fruit through the mixture before serving. This has become my partner’s new favourite dessert! “This is by far one of the best desserts you have created”, he tells me every time he takes a mouthful.

My best friend absolutely adores this recipe also. So much so after I made it for her for the first time, I got messages from her for 2 days straight telling me how much she was craving it and how she has told everyone that crosses her path about it. It must have been good!!!

For a really indulgent treat, serve this pudding in store bought or homemade chocolate cups.

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Edited white choc pudding3

Creamy White Chocolate Pudding
Serves 4
Total Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 200g cold white chocolate, broken up into pieces
  2. 250g cream cheese
  3. 200g pure cream
  4. 40g icing sugar
  5. raspberries or fruit of preference to garnish, optional
  1. Add white chocolate (200g) to bowl. 5 minutes / 60C / Speed 2. Allow to cool slightly.
  2. Add cream cheese (250g), cream (200g) and icing sugar (40g) to bowl. Speed 6 / 20 seconds or until combined.
  3. Spoon into parfait dishes. Top with raspberries or fruit of choice.
  4. Serve or place into the fridge for later.
But I don't have a Thermo Mixer
  1. 1. Add white chocolate (200g) to a microwave safe bowl. Add a teaspoon of butter or coconut oil to help melt the chocolate if desired. Cook on a medium heat for 1-2 minutes until it is melted and smoothly. Stir every 25 seconds. Allow to cool slightly.
  2. 2. Add cream cheese (250g), cream (200g) and icing sugar (40g) to the melted chocolate. Using a stand mixer or beater mix the ingredients until well combined and pudding like.
  3. 3. Spoon into parfait dishes. Top with raspberries or fruit of choice.
  4. 4. Serve or place into the fridge for later.
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