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Removing ough from blades

When making dough and removing it from the bowl there are often small bits of dough stuck around the blades.  Pressing turbo quickly twice will flick the dough off the blades and thus making it much easier to clean. This works well for truffle type mixes, meat stuck in the blades, jam etc as well.  

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Cleaning the lid grooves

A few people have asked how to clean the grooves where the lid clips in on the tmx. Mine is a mess after a weekend of making jam, biscuits, the varoma etc.  I use a damp chux cloth worked through the groove - similar to flossing. I then run a dry tea towel through it. I got this idea from a friend and it works well so I haven't tried any other way. Some people will use small brushes to clean the groove then dry with a dry cloth.  

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Reheating in the varoma

I'm probably the last person to realise this but I thought I'd post just in case (I almost forgot to take a photo!). Tonight is a super simple dinner for the kiddies - pasta with homemade tomato and bacon pasta sauce from the freezer (lots of veggies hidden in this!).  I cooked the pasta in the tmx bowl as normal but defrosted and heated the sauce in a heatproof dish in the varoma rather than the microwave or stove. I just pulled it out of its freezer container and straight into the dish and popped it in to the steaming attachment with the lid on whilst the pasta cooked at [...]

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Silicone cups

I love silicone cups! When steaming veg pop the smaller items in silicone cups on the varoma tray. I often do this for our "fried rices" as I don't eat corn but I can easily add it to my partners serve individually. It's an easy way to keep it all together if steaming a range of veg.  

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Smoothing out mixes

Use your measuring cup to smooth out bases, bars, slices etc. If its slightly sticky, cover the measuring cup in baking paper and secure with a rubber band. Too easy!!!  

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Straining homemade milks

I'm still waiting for my nut bags to arrive but needed coconut milk for a recipe today. An easy way to strain is by covering a jug with a clean, new chux type cloth. You may need to help it a little with a spatula or back of the spoon to work it through the cloth. Make sure your chux is clean, new and has been rinsed in hot water before using. Check your packet as some clothes have a solution put through them before packaging. The packet will tell you if this is the case.    

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