The other morning I posted the lion cake that my 5 year old had made for his teacher’s birthday.  It’s a little rustic but made with lots of love.

This was a cake I saw in a magazine (possibly Super Food Ideas?) and made for him for his first birthday with  mothers group many moons ago

I promised I would write up a tutorial for how we did it.  Here it is!


What you’ll need:

  • 1 x 22cm Round cake (We used my version whole orange cake for this. Great to keep the colour going and slightly healthier than chocolate cake)
  • 450g icing of choice (We used a store bought premade icing)
  • Orange food colouring to colour the icing
  • 4 x mint slice biscuits
  • 100g of dark chocolate, melted (See EDC for instructions. This is probably more than you need but allows for mistakes or breakages)
  • 2 x white choc melts
  • 50g Chang’s Fried Noodles (approximately half a packet)
  • 1 x mini red frog
  • 2 x small choc chips



 Make desired cake and allow to cool completely on a cake rack. I flipped the cake upside down and iced the bottom side. You can certainly ice the other side. If your cake it domed that is fine as it adds to the found face shape.


With melted chocolate – pipe 8 whiskers, 6 small dots 2 choc discs about the size of a twenty cent piece and pipe nose/mouth shape as per main picture on baking paper. I recommend doing extra just in case of breakages etc. You can draw this on the underneath side of the paper to use as a guide and then pipe on the other side. Place in to fridge to set.

Meanwhile make your desired icing tinting it orange with the colouring.

Using a tiny dab of icing, “glue” a choc chip onto the white chocolate melt and then glue that on to one of the piped chocolate disks. Repeat for teh other choc chip, melt and piped piece. This is his eyes.

Ice cake. Ensure there is an even layer over the top and sides of the cake.

Use tip of a spatula or a knife  to form a swirly design on top resembling fur.


Carefully place cake onto desired container or cake board. I do this now to avoid having to clean up icing off the container or board from the previous step.

Place the mint slices as shown. You may need  to cut slit slits into the cake for the ears to sit in.


Apply piped chocolate pieces, eyes and red nose as per picture.


At this point you can place the cake in the fridge over night or continue to next step if serving soon

Place crunchy noodles around the outside of the lion’s face.





You can use licorice if you prefer instead of chocolate. This is one I made for my 5 year olds first birthday using licorice straps cut to size. They are getting harder to find however. I find that small grocery stores such as IGA sell them.



Now I couldn’t post about cakes without posting this one. There isn’t a tut for this one as it was way too much work and a lot of steps. 

A friend and I (mainly my talented friend!) made this cake for my sons birthday a few years ago right down to the little figurines. 

We had so much fun (although she had a few late nights as I was a hopeless apprentice). My youngest son turns 1 soon (can you believe he was only a few week sold when I started my page!? Time flys). Stay tuned for an exciting new cake.






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