Today I’m doing my big back to school cook up. Something I try to keep in the freezer is bread rolls for when I run out of bread. I bake them, slice in half and freeze in a ziplock bag or some cling wrap and aluminum foil. 
On the morning of school I take it from the freezer, top with filling, pop back in the ziplock bag and into the lunchbox to thaw for lunchtime. 
I think I have found my new favourite bread roll shape. 
Those that have been around for awhile know that bread is my favourite thing. I love experimenting with different shapes and concepts. It turns something fairly basic into something very impressive looking. 
Use your favourite dough recipe for these. After its risen follow the below steps. 
Start by dusting your bench with a little flour. Roll an oval shape as below. You want it about 1cm thick. It doesn’t have to be neat at all.
Using a knife or pizza cutter make cuts as shown below. Do not cut all the way to the edge.
Now I didn’t get a clear photo of the next step. You basically want to grab the top and bottom in both hands and twist the shape a few times. Keep it very rustic. 
Roll that shape into a snail shape. Tuck the end underneath the roll.
Repeat for all your dough. Every shape differs slightly. 
Brush with a little beaten egg and bake at 180 degrees for approximately 20-30 mins. This will vary slightly based on shape and oven.