I’m not  going to lie. For quite some time I have been extremely hesitant to regularly use coloured reusable pouches. I was always concerned about cleaning them thoroughly. I was worried about not being able to see the nasties left behind in them and what that could mean health wise. So much so that I have had these pouches sitting in a draw in my kitchen for almost 6 months before finally using them and giving them a whirl. I decided a month or two ago to road test them. Time to put my money where my mouth is.


My Lil Pouch

You may be familiar with the name. My Lil Pouch are the brains behind My Lil Ice Pop, the silicone reusable ice pop tube, which I reviewed late last year.

My Lil Pouch is an Australian owned and operated company, located in South East Queensland. Sarah created My Lil Pouch with the help of her cousin, Karen, back in 2012. Sarah is a busy mother to not one, but two sets of twins! With  less than 3 years between them she was finding life was busy and messy especially around feeding times! After a lot of blood, sweat and tears My Lil Pouch was formed.  Each My Lil Pouch is environmentally friendly, durable and reliable and was made of a quality food-grade material free from BPA, PVC and Phthalate. Very important factors for many families.

How to use My Lil Pouch

Don’t want to read? Too late at night? Ready to fall asleep any second now? Watch the video posted below. It sums everything up nicely! Or read on…

From MLP: It really is quite simple. My Lil Pouch has a self-standing base so there’s no need to struggle with it falling over! Simply remove the cap and blow air into the pouch to open the gusset. Open the durable ziplock seal on the top and then fill. You can either spoon your contents in, or use the funnel or jug which will soon be part of their accessories range. I use a sauce, make sure to run your fingers across the ziplock seal a couple of times to ensure there are no leaks! Be sure not to overfill like I often do. It can be a bit messy (nothing a wet sponge can’t wipe up though).

Now lets talk about cleaning. As I said I was so worried about cleaning them properly. Looking back that was probably silly of me. I am an adult and I have eyes. I can see if something is cleaned or not cleaned properly. The wide opening and clear base makes it easy to see exactly how clean your pouch is. I would not recommend using pouches that don’t have a clear base. In that case you can not see see inside the pouch thoroughly.
I use a toothbrush to clean mine and then I pop them straight into the freezer or dry on a baby bottle drying rack. These are dishwasher safe however I find it much easier to wash by hand and for peace of mind in terms if thorough cleaning. More information on cleaning can be read here.

I do want to mention two safety points:
1. Small lids are a choking  hazard. Please use your discretion when using pouches. Larger lids are available for purchase on the website however.
2. People often mention that pouches are bad for teaching children how to use utensils, speech development etc. These pouches are not designed to replace traditional eating utensils for all meals a child has throughout a  typical day. These are designed for a quick on the run snack, for traveling, easy lunchbox filler etc. In no way am I encouraging the use of pouches for all meals. 


The possibilities are almost ENDLESS! You can fill it with:

  • Purees for babies.
  • Yoghurts for toddlers.
  • Custards, mousse and jellies for school lunch boxes.
  • Sauce, marinades and dressings for salads and BBQ’s.
  • Any type of juice, shakes, smoothies or slushies.
  • Water or milk for traveling.
  • Soups and stocks.
  • Dry ingredients such as herbs and spices (great when bulk buying), seeds, nuts, breadcrumbs, biscuits.
  • Pesto, jam and other spreads.
  • Condiments such as sauces, marinades & sugars when camping.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Shampoo, conditioner and hair gel for traveling.
  • Soaps Detergent and body washes.
  • Washing liquid for clothes or dishes and fabric softener.
  • Party bags – fill with party favours.

Visit the My Lil Pouch Blog for recipe ideas.

New Designs

My Lil Pouch have recently released brand new pouch designs. A soon as I saw these I knew they would be a hit. Is it just me or do they remind you of Minecraft (my kiddies are Minecraft obsessed!) and Frozen?

11161341_798599080217114_2730103109261838269_n 11150422_798599073550448_2551405370663838856_n


How are My Lil Pouch different?

I think My Lil Pouch appeals to many due to the range of designs they stock. These add some fun to the lunchbox and these patterned and colourful pouches work well as there is a range of designs to choose from. It makes food fun for children. If you are looking for coloured, patterned and decorative pouches then these are for you! (Yes they also stock clear pouches as well if this is your preference).

You will notice whilst the pouches hold the same amount as many other pouch brands, they are slightly different shape which fits square shaped lunchboxes really well.

I also like that My Lil Pouch have neoprene pouch coolers for their 100ml and 200ml pouches to help keep the pouches cold. An added bonus? The pouch coolers help prevent condensation in lunchboxes and baby bags, so there is no more risk of a soggy sandwich next to a defrosting pouch! They come in a range of colours to suit everyone.

10995540_782341695176186_9025656550923092343_n 21701_782341698509519_1056150540089901965_n 11069815_782341701842852_5684113561704866449_n

My Lil Pouch also stocks My Lil Ice Pops which are great for those wanting a reusable ice block option. You can see my review on these here.



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