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Merry TRTLMT Mixmas! For 12 days, starting on the 13th, I will be blogging a gift for you to say thank you for all your support in 2016! It truly is appreciated. Its been a busy year with Freezer to Lunchbox Challenges (sign up here to know when the next one is on), Lunchbox cookbooks and the VERY popular Mixing It Slow CookbookThank you so much for all your support and love.

Here is your gift for Day 5! 7 more gifts to go. Hooray!

Reindeer Noses make a great, easy gift when you are just wanting to give something small. This is one of my go to pressies for the kiddies class at the end of the year (always check for allergies/food preferences first before gifting).

Simply print out your tag sheet. Fill a small cellophane bag with round chocolates, popping in a red coated one to represent Rudolph’s nose. Seal and staple a tag at the top.

You can purchase cellophane bags cheaply in most discount stores or art and craft stores. Where possible, purchase food grade bags.

Download your Reindeer Noses Printable

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These are PDF files. Adobe Reader is required to access and open these. It is free to download.

These printables are for printing. They are not editable digital files. A colour printer is ideal but not essential.

The fine print:

These are for your personal use only and not to be distributed, edited or copied. 

Please do not use these on websites or social media without prior permission. Each printable is protected by copyright laws.

Colours may vary from computer monitor to printing.

Please email if you have any issues downloading your copy.

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As many of you know, I co-own The 4 Blades Mag with the wonderful Bec and Joe Winston from The 4 Blades (seriously check out their AWESOME podcast if you haven’t yet. They are hilarious AND share amazing recipes). We are having a little fun over the next 12 days too!

Today we have a special offer for two of the most popular issues we have ever released… The Budget Issue and The Freezer Issue. $4.99 each for today only.

If your wallet getting smashed repetitively by the festive season… this one is for you. The Budget Issue and The Freezer Issue won’t just help you save money, they’ll help you stay organised throughout the festive season and for years to come. 

Super practical meals that you can make without breaking the bank, and plan ahead by stocking the freezer. 

To get a peek inside The Budget Issue, check it out here.

To get a peek inside The Freezer Issue, check it out here.