Originally posted on our Facebook Page 26th November, 2014.

It worked!!! Now this is the cheats version of liquid hand soap. I will work on one “from scratch” once this is all gone.
I was experimenting with a craft recipe the other day that ended up being a big flop but it gave me this idea. It’s very simple and only has two “ingredients”.

I prefer body wash and liquid hand soap over a block of soap so if you look in my bathroom cupboard you will find an abundance of soap bars from gift packs I’ve received over the years. I’ve tried this with both the creamy soaps and also the clear glycerine type soaps. They both work well. My preference for making this is clear Body Shop soaps or creamy Lush soaps. Today I used Lush’s “Honey I washed the kids soap“.

This is such a cost effective idea also. It’s $6.95 a block. This makes just over two liters of hand soap. Bargain! The Body Shop soaps are approximately $4.95 a bar. It would be even cheaper with groccery store bought soaps.

You can add colouring and essential oils but I find the soap has enough of a scent that I don’t need to. I also like the natural look to it so haven’t add colouring.

These would make a nice gift in a Christmas hamper along with some of my scrubs. This also doubles as a body wash too!

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Liquid Hand Soap
  1. 120g soap bar, cubed
  2. 8 cups of water
  1. Blitz soap bar on speed 5, slowly working up to speed 8 until fine.
  2. Melt at 80 degrees, speed 2 for 2 minutes or until melted. Some people find they need to increase the temp and speed slightly. If its not melting increase to 90 degrees, speed 3. Add a little of the water to help the process.
  3. Continue to mix at 80 degrees, speed 2 whilst pouring water slowly in to the bowl through the hole in the lid.
  4. Continue to mix for 2 mins or until nice and smooth.
  5. It will look like milky water. Don't panic like I did. I almost threw it out thinking I put too much water in.
  6. Pour into a big bowl.
  7. Now leave it for the day.
  8. As time goes on it thickens. Just keep giving it a stir every hour or so. Its not essential to stir hourly, just regularly.
  9. I bottled mine after approximately 12 hours. Keep any extra in a bottle in a cool dark spot until needed.
  10. If you find it's too thick just pop it back into the tmx and blitz on speed 8 for 30-60 secs. That will smooth it out again. (I havent had to do this even 6 months down the track)
  11. Thin with a little water if needed.
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