How lucky are we? Zippops are offering likers of my page a special discount on their fantastic Zippops again! We ran this special late year with an overwhelming response. These have become a firm favourite for many! 
These are a cost effective way to make ice blocks for the whole family. Fill with custard, ice cream mix, yoghurt, puréed fruit, juices or cordial to name a few. Why not make them alcoholic for the adults! Vodka Pop anyone?
I even use these frozen as mini ice bricks in the lunchbox. Simply fill with water and freeze. I freeze these over and over again. They make a good ice pack for injuries too (I have a house full of boys and a partner who plays ice hockey  so I know all about injuries!)
One of these filled with tomato paste is perfect for a large pizza. I just freeze, thaw and squeeze. 
Good for freezing baby purée too! 
They are not advertised as reusable however many people do rinse, dry and reuse. It’s personal preference. If your child has chewed them to bits my vote is chuck it, if not then give reusing them a whirl.
I must buy some more and take advantage of this amazing offer!
So what is the special offer?
Head over to and enter promo code TRTLMT at checkout to get 25% off your entire order AND free delivery Australia wide!
Offer ends midnight Sunday 2nd March, 2014.