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6 01, 2014

Krispy Fried Chicken Coating

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The other day I posted my Krispy Fried Chicken and have already had so many people rave about it. I'm also uploading the coating part separately as it would make a good coating for veggies as well as chicken. A spicy version is also available. This is enough for three batches of ten strips. Keep remaining flour in an airtight container. It will last for up to 12 months.      

6 01, 2014

Krispy Fried Chicken

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    I didn't have any breadcrumbs in the freezer and no bread left to make any so I experimented tonight. This is my take on krispy fried chicken.  This was a massive hit. I only got the tiniest of pieces. Will be a regular here with salad during summer. Would make yummy burgers too.  This makes quite a bit of coating. Store remainder in an airtight container.     

6 01, 2014

Herbed Cob Loaf

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It's so easy to make your own cob loaf. I use my go to basic dough recipe for these but flavour mine with herbs - parsley, rosemary and basil. Add these in with the other ingredients before kneading.