Quick Mexican Pies

As I posted yesterday Im so in love with my cheap pie maker. Something I always keep in the freezer is puff pastry for a quick meal using up leftover from a previous night that doesn't quite stretch to enough meals for the family. A little bit of left over mince can make 4 pies easily!  You can of course make your own rough puff pastry in the tmx however I often don't have enough time for that unless making a large family sized pie. This recipe is so simple I don't even need to write it up in a recipe format. To make four pies all you need is [...]

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Veggie Packed Beef Nachos

This is the recipe for the mince component for nachos. This would work for tacos, Chimichangas or the Tortilla Pie I posted the other day. This is a budget friendly meal as it only uses 250g of mince and feeds a family of four to eight. You bulk this meal out with lots of veggies and red lentils. If you want a bigger quantity just add more veggies or lentils.    

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Veggie Packed Spaghetti Sauce

Can you see all the veggies in this sauce? No? My kiddies couldn't either!  I have a young baby so quick and easy dinners are a must for my older two. I make a big batch of this and make sure I have plenty leftover to freeze for a super quick dinner on the nights the baby is unsettled or I have run out of energy.     The sauce is very versatile:  The kiddies love this sauce over macaroni or spaghetti pasta. Why not try zucchini noodles? Use leftovers in some puff pastry as a pie filling for something different.  Serve in toasted sandwiches along with some cheese and sliced [...]

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Achieving Chunkier Mince

Quite a few people have mentioned they don't like the texture of tmx mince. Im not a big red meat eater so I like how fine it gets but my partner doesn't. If you want chunkier mince place it in the basket with the liquid below. The steam and some liquid then cooks the mince. I do pop it back into the bowl, minus the basket, for the last five minutes or so of cooking time just to break it up ever so slightly. This is another way to cook meatballs without using the varoma. Works a treat for frozen meatballs!  

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