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6 03, 2014

Cheesy Herb Pull Apart

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We are off to a BBQ with family tonight. I have my Cheesy Herb Pull Apart ready to bake once there, lemon chermoula marinated chicken and a violet crumble cheesecake to take along thanks to the tmx.   This is a great twist on the Herb and Garlic Pull Apart.       

10 01, 2014

Herb Elephant Ears

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I'm loving this bread and have been busting to show you! We had this with pizzas last night as something a bit different to garlic bread.   The layers just peel away from each other. The top is so yummy and crunchy and the bread is so soft and flavoursome.   This is a super easy and very quick way to put together a pull apart loaf.          

8 01, 2014

Cheese and Bacon Bread Balls

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The other day I posted my Garlic and Cheese Bread Balls which were a huge hit. I can never pick what you will all like or hate haha!   Today I thought I would make a bigger batch with some different flavours.    These are great for BBQs or as an addition to a pizza or pasta dinner. They make about 35 pieces and just pull away from one another.    You can vary the flavours to suit your tastes [...]

6 01, 2014

Nutella Snowflake

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Those that have liked this page for awhile will know I love creating things with dough (Elaine I'm looking at you!). I saw a friend share this on fb recently and have been meaning to try it.  The kiddies and I made this today for afternoon tea. It's very rustic thanks to the kiddies but you get the idea. I'll try again when I'm on my own to see if I can get it neater. I didn't twist mine enough [...]

6 01, 2014

Cheese and Herb Pull Apart

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Well you all thought Id be turning my herbed cob loaf into a cob dip. Not quite. I have turned it into a very simple Cheese and Herb Pullapart. I’m enjoying experimenting with bread lately. It’s a great thing to take along to BBQs or dinner parties but is also great for weekday lunches now I’m on maternity leave. There is so much you can do with simple bread dough. Make or purchase a cob loaf. Size is whatever you [...]

6 01, 2014

Bread Pull Apart Plait

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T his was so simple and easy. Not much more effort than making a pizza really. It takes only a minute extra with one extra step than a pizza.    My toppings today were tomato and garlic sauce, bacon, capsicum, onion and cheese. Absolutely delicious! You can make one very large plait or two medium sized ones with this batch of dough. It will take about 25-30 minutes  to cook through at 180 degrees.   Filling ideas: spinach, feta and [...]

6 01, 2014

Garlic Cheese Bread Balls

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Something a little different to garlic bread. These are delicious and a great accompaniment to most dishes. They are much quicker than making traditional garlic bread. You'd be surprised that this uses less oil/butter than a lot of other garlic breads.   They just pull away from one another in bite size pieces. Great to share at BBQs! This makes about 20-25 pieces. See my bread tips here.