Cheats Veggie Sauce

Making your own pasta sauce is so easy. It really is a matter of chuck it all in and let it cook away. I love this one as I pack a lot of vegetables into it so perfect for the kiddies. I often purée this though so they can't see all the veg.    Use it with mince, over meatballs, with pasta/zoodles and a little cheese, on your chicken parmigiana, pizza sauce... The list is endless.    I make a double batch and freeze into portions. You can bottle it in jars and vacuum seal if preferred.      

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EDC Meatloaf with Red Sauce

This recipe is from the EDC March 2011 edition Meatloaf and Red Sauce pg 100-101 I tweaked it slightly by not placing ingredients in the middle of the meatloaf and added extra veg to the mince mix. This was a hit with my kiddies. There was nothing leftover at all much to my surprise given how big the meatloaf actually is. I thought it would be too big so left a portion of the mince meat aside and rolled these into 8 meatballs and popped into the freezer for a quick meal for the kiddies another night. There is a lot of sauce leftover. I have popped this into 2 [...]

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