Earlier today I posted my take on Tahini. I used it to make these muesli bars for my sons lunchbox (can you tell my house was running low on lunchbox snacks!).

Straight out of the fridge they are nice and firm. At room temperature they are a soft muesli bar – my partner likes them like that.

This were a massive hit here tonight! The taste of the sesame seeds is quite strong. Just worth mentioning.

My other Muesli Bar recipes:

Tahini Muesli Bars
By: The road to loving my Thermomix 
125g tahini
140g honey
130g rolled oats
30g rice bubbles
50g sultanas
25g sunflower seeds
15g chia seeds
10g flaxseed meal

Line a lamington tray with baking paper.
Place honey and tahini into bowl. Blitz on speed 4 until combined.
Add remaining ingredients.
Blitz on reverse, speed 4 for 1 minute until a slight “dough” forms.
Press into tin and refrigerate.
Slice into muesli bar shapes.

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