This weeks meal plan is a little different. This week I’m focusing on meals from the Everyday Cookbook that you recieve when you purchase your machine. Why? I belive the EDC is one of the best tmx cookbooks out there and isnt used enough by me. It is such a great resource for new tmx owners and those that want easy meals. I find them quick, tasty and work well the first time. 

Meal Plan 24.3.2014
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  • Potato and Leek Soup: I love soup in a meal plan. Its is very budget friendly. My partner believes soup isnt a meal (blah blah blah!) but I think this teamed up with some yummy crusty bread or EDC foccacia makes for a great meal. There are lots of different soup recipes in the book though if these flavours don’t suit you.
  • Thai Red Chicken Curry: The thing I love about this recipe is the amount of curry paste it makes. Make the batch on the weekend and freeze in smaller batches. You will always have curry available anytime of the week!
  • Chilli Con Carne: This is a great versatile mince that can be used as is on rice, in nachos, in tacos, burritos etc. The list is endless. I freeze leftover for another day. Simply thaw, pop into some pastry for a Quick Mexican Pie
  • Pasta with Tuna: A massive hit here with the kiddies with lots of yummy goodies in it!
  • Auusie Meat Pies and Salad: I am yet to try this one but I love homemade meat pies. I have heard this is a great recipe! I have put this in on a Friday. Chances are I wont have time to make my own pastry so will use store bought instead. I may move it to the weekend though where I will have more time to play. These are great to freeze as well for a quick meat another night. Make mini, standard or family sized pies. Yum!
  • Chicken Cashew Nut: Another I am yet to try but chicken and cashews together is always going to be great! Again this is a very popular dish.
  • Paste E Fagioli: This is one of my most favoutrite tmx meals. Those that have had tmx demonstrations a few years back will remember this was one of the main dishes cooked (this or risotto were the options). This dish along with the Herb and Garlic Dip sold me on the machine 5 years ago. I just love it. Its budget friendly, easy and so tasty. Nothing beats a big bowl of this with a little parmasen cheese over the top in winter, sitting on the couch in your comfy (but oh so daggy) trackies. This was one of the few dishes I could still stomach when I was pregnant. This is my sort of comfort food! 


Shopping List 23.3.2014:
I haven’t included a shopping list in this weeks plan to avoid any breeches of copyright. Please see your EDC for ingredient lists. 

* I have used the Everyday Cookbook,  May 2013 edition for the page number references.