Well you may remember at the beginning of the year I discussed creating my own app for all my recipes. This is something I’m asked about almost daily. Whilst this is something I would love to have in the future its not something that is able to be done well and quickly (not to mention having to sell a kidney and my left arm to afford a good quality app!). So in the meantime I will be featuring  some of my recipes on an amazing existing app which I am so excited about. 

I have a friend who I met via starting TRTLMT, who couldn’t seem to manage all of her recipes. She wanted one spot where she could store them all safely. From magazine cuttings, old cookbooks and all of the ones you have online such as recipes you have pinned on Pinterest! So she developed an app.

I introduce you to the Hipcook App.



What is the Hipcook App?

It’s much better if Kimberley, from Hipcook, explains it as it really is so many amazing features in one app!

“Hipcook, is your own personal recipe database. The most wonderful feature of Hipcook., is the ability to take a photo with your phone and easily import the picture, ingredients and directions + plus more information if you so wish into your database. Then you just select which recipe you wish to cook for the day or week or even month and Hipcook will produce a shopping list of all your ingredients in shopping market sections, such as diary, fruit n veg etc.


  • Hipcook is only $1.99US (approx $2.39AUD depending on exchange rates) for unlimited recipes
  • No extra cost for importing extra recipes, there is no limit to storage.
  • The sleekest fastest and easiest storage of recipes on the market.
  • Your whole recipe library could be on your phone when you go shopping…imagine that!
  • Design bulk lists i.e 2 weeks or more to make savings on big ticket items like meats etc.
  • Work out what you can cook with an ingredient you need to use.
  • Share all your friends recipes in just one click.
  • Browse the public recipes feature to see what other Hipcooks are sharing and import into your database in just one click.
  • You can now easily import all those recipes you keep pinning on Pinterest!  You don’t know about Pinterest? Go to www.hipcook.com.au and follow the prompts to find out more!”

So much more info about this app can be found here.


Why do I recommend it?

For all the reasons listed above!

I love that this app was designed with a purpose in mind by someone like you and I. Not a big company. Kimberley knew exactly what she wanted in an app – the same things we all want. An affordable app to store our own creations but also the ones we find in various places over the internet or in books. I love that you can take a photo of something and store too. This feature is great for me and all my scribbled down recipes or recipes from the back of packets and cartons.

For a few dollars its more affordable than others on the market and bonus features. Win win!


How is TRTLMT featured?

I have created my own category in the public section of her app, where I will be uploading some of my new recipes. Go to the public section and look for my category and logo (The Road To Loving My Thermo Mixer). All you do is then select ‘copy’ on my recipes you like and they go into your ‘My Recipes’.

Confused? Chat to Kimberley. She is always available to walk you through the app and get you started on your very own collection. She is very passionate about teaching people how to use it to its full potential.

 Note: Recipes will still appear on my Facebook page and website as well as the app. The app will just feature some of them in this handy format for you.


How do I purchase?

Easy! Simply head to the Hipcook Website or itunes and purchase. Kimberley also has some really handy tips and tricks too, just email her, she is ready to help you get your recipe collection started.


Kimberley also welcomes feedback, as she keeps improving and developing her app. So please email Kimberley directly to discuss. You can also find her on Facebook.

Enjoy exploring this great new app,