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A busy week full with a few recipes and lunchbox show and tells (click photo to be taken to link):

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Lunchbox Show and Tell

This was our first time using a Yumbox and Mr 5 year old was very excited!!! Tortillas are a big favourite in our house. They are quick and easy and great to keep in the freezer for emergency lunches (I ran out so was rolling and cooking Tortillas at 9pm last night whilst sick with a cold – now that’s love!). I often add garlic and herbs through them or spinach. They are so adaptable in terms of flavours. I even make some with coconut oil which is great for when you have curry flavoured fillings.

See post for recipe links and more.

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This weeks meal plan:

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I also posted a review of a thermal container which I am in love with.

This type of product is something I’m asked about almost daily on my Facebook page or in our questions group “What can I store hot or cold items in for the kiddies to take to school/husband for work etc?”. I have tried a few different items and whilst they have been ok, I was never comfortable recommending them to others and certainly wouldn’t encourage people to spend their hard earned money on the products. If I ever recommend a product it has to be something I truly love and value.

Read my review on this awesome product I have come across. 

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