Welcome! I’m Peta, someone who desperately wanted a TMX but struggled to use and love it when I finally purchased it in January 2013.

Like everyone else I was excited to receive my TMX. This was going to be amazing. I was going to change the world with this machine and it would somehow warp me into some Nigella Lawson like super mum. Wrong! My machine arrived just as morning sickness with my third pregnancy kicked in so cooking quickly became a dreaded task, even with this amazing super mum creating machine.

As many of my friends know I really struggled to see the benefits of the machine over the next 6 months. Everyone else was loving their machine and I was that crazy person who wasn’t seeing how great it was, who wasn’t referring to it as their fourth child and sleeping with it at night. I tossed up whether it was time to cut my losses and make some money back by selling it. Maybe I could use that money to learn how to be a hypnotist to convince people I was in the same league as Nigella? I decided to set myself a challenge – I was going to cook in my TMX every day for a week. If at the end of the week I still didn’t see the many benefits then I would sell it.  I spent the next week whipping up soups, homemade pasta, pesto, curry pastes and a whole lot of custard. At the end of the week I could see how much easier cooking was and it was actually fun and exciting. I really just needed to take time to learn how to use the machine properly.  Its a whole new way of cooking and in most cases needs to be learnt through experimenting and lots of it. So “Thermy” stayed. Yes, he got a name. Wow! It must mean I like him!?

I created my Facebook page, The road to loving my Thermomix, in October 2013 to document my journey in using my TMX. I am amazed that it has been so popular. After many requests and then many reminders, I created my first blog in January 2014. I struggled at first with it (hmmmm I see a theme happening here?!) but slowly got the hang of it and in June 2014 I launched this website, something I am so very proud of. Me with a website? Who would have thought! (Yes I know websites are nothing rare but just humour me).

I’m a mum of some really gorgeous children! In addition to being a mum I have worked in the early childhood industry for 10+ years so what you will see here on my blog and Facebook page is everyday food (with a few nice things for the adults thrown in here and there!) that is achievable whilst cooking around a busy family and with a busy family. Involving children in cooking is a big passion of mine so whilst I run the page, I have two little apprentices who help me whip up a lot of these recipes to show you.
I don’t follow a food style, I’m not a consultant, I’m not a chef. I’m just someone exploring their machine. I like to experiment with my TMX so you will also find a lot of non food items such as candles, beauty products, household items, children’s craft items etc. There is hopefully something here for everyone!

Thank you for stopping by,

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Navigating the website

Firstly, be sure to like our Facebook page. Its where all the action is!

Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter! You can see this option on the right hand side of the website. An email will be sent to your inbox each afternoon with any posts that have been made in the last 24 hours. Never miss a thing again!

On the home page you will see a variety of resources. Simply click on them and be taken to a post with some great ideas and links on the subject.

Latest recipes can also be seen on the homepage. There is a new recipe index. You can click through each category to see what recipes have been posted or view the “All recipes” tab for a full list of all recipes on the blog. There are hundreds so this is probably the best option to begin with until you learn to navigate the site.

There is a search feature on the homepage. You can search for a recipe or an ingredient. How great is that!

EDC? MC? TMX? What are you all talking about? It sometimes feels like Thermomix users speak another language doesn’t it? It took me awhile to get used to the terminology but now I rattle it off with the best of them. Here are just some of the most common terms people ask me about:

  • EDC = Everyday Cookbook, the cookbook you receive when you purchase a brand new Thermomix.
  • MC = the clear measuring cup that comes with the Thermomix and fits nice in the lid.
  • TMX = Thermomix shortened.
  • Interval speed = this is your kneading function. You will find the button right next to the little wheat symbol on your machine.
  • Varoma/Steaming temperature: this is your highest temperature and is designed for steaming.
  • Varoma/Steaming attachment: the steaming attachment that sits on top of your machine for steaming.
  • Butterfly/Whisk attachment: The attachment you use for whipping. It works like a whisk.