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How exciting! Are you excited or anxious!? Regardless, you are about to have lots of experimenting in the kitchen. Creating meals and dishes in a Thermomix is a new way of cooking.

Where do I find recipes?

My Facebook page of course! Seriously, the beauty of the thermo cooking community is there are so many great places you can find recipes.

When you receive your Thermomix machine you will also receive a copy of the Everyday Cookbook, affectionately known by Thermomix users as the EDC. The EDC is your go to book. The recipes are great for starting out and covers so much. My advice is to go through with some post it notes and highlight all the recipes you would like to try. Work your way through them. With each recipe you try your confidence will grow and will expose you to more of its features and benefits.

All thermo cooker machines will come with their own instruction manual and recipe booklet. Read these back to front. Every machine is different so you may need to adapt different recipes slightly to suit your machine and its functions.

Other great places include:

  • The Thermomix Recipe Community is brilliant! With just under 10,000 recipes, as of June 2014, you will be sure to find something to help! If not experiment and be sure to upload your recipe if its a success.
  • Google is also your friend. All you have to do is type “Thermomix spaghetti recipe” and lots will show up. Even a search of “Thermomix banana (or any ingredient)” will provide you with lots of options.
  • Forum Thermomix is a great resource with over 10,000 members. Please note: this is not an official Thermomix forum nor have I seen any official recommendations from Vorwerk/Thermomix.
  • Like FB pages/blogs that post lots of original recipes and online links – it exposes you to more things you can try. There was nothing more frustrating than seeing a great recipe and not being able to cook it because the person got it from a cookbook and it cant be posted due to copyright. In saying that like as many pages as you can. You will learn so much.
  • Join “The road to loving my Thermomix Question Group” – ask questions. Lots of them!!! No question is silly. members of this group are owners, consultants, want to be owners, “therminators”, people struggling… there is someone who can help. Please always go directly to Thermomix Australia for warranty, consultant, cooking classes, purchasing etc inquiries Thermomix Australia.

EDC? MC? TMX? What are you all talking about?

It sometimes feels like Thermomix users speak another language doesn’t it? It took me awhile to get used to the terminology but now I rattle it off with the best of them. Here are just some of the most common terms people ask me about:

  • EDC = Everyday Cookbook, the cookbook you receive when you purchase a brand new Thermomix.
  • MC = the clear measuring cup that comes with the Thermomix and fits nice in the lid.
  • TMX = Thermomix shortened.
  • Interval speed = this is your kneading function. You will find teh button right next to the little wheat symbol on your machine.
  • Varoma/Steaming temperature: this is your highest temperature on your TM31 and is designed for steaming.
  • Varoma/Steaming attachment: the steaming attachment that sits on top of your machine for steaming.
  • Butterfly/Whisk attachment: The attachment you use for whipping. It works like a whisk.

Time to stock the pantry

These are some of the items I find I use most now having a Thermomix and are the most commonly suggested items from likers of my page when I ask the question “what items should I stock up on before receiving my tmx?”.

This is just a compilation from all of your suggestions. This is a guide only. There will be items there you don’t like or don’t suit your family. For example, vegetarians will skip the meat section. You will find there are many other products you will buy regularly or things listed here of no interest. Every family is different. Pick and choose what works for you.

Having a good variety of these in your kitchen will mean you will be able to cook an abundance of meals from the EDC but also my page.

I don’t think I like my Thermomix

Been experimenting but unsure of you like your Thermomix? Don’t worry. You aren’t the only one. I hear this a lot and experienced it myself.

Like everyone else I was excited to receive my TMX. This was going to be amazing. I was going to change the world with this machine and it would somehow warp me into some Nigella Lawson like super mum. Wrong! My machine arrived just as morning sickness with my third pregnancy kicked in so cooking quickly became a dreaded task, even with this amazing super mum creating machine.

As many of my friends know I really struggled to see the benefits of the machine over the next 6 months. Everyone else was loving their machine and I was that crazy person who wasn’t seeing how great it was, who wasn’t referring to it as their fourth child and sleeping with it at night. I tossed up whether it was time to cut my losses and make some money back by selling it. Maybe I could use that money to learn how to be a hypnotist to convince people I was in the same league as Nigella? I decided to set myself a challenge – I was going to cook in my TMX every day for a week. If at the end of the week I still didn’t see the many benefits then I would sell it.  I spent the next week whipping up soups, homemade pasta, pesto, curry pastes and a whole lot of custard. At the end of the week I could see how much easier cooking was and it was actually fun and exciting. I really just needed to take time to learn how to use the machine properly.  Its a whole new way of cooking and in most cases needs to be learnt through experimenting and lots of it. So “Thermy” stayed. Yes, he got a name. Wow! It must mean I like him!?

Here are my tips for exploring your machine thoroughly before selling it.

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