Whilst you wait

Whilst you awaiting your Themromix’s arrival you can start prepping! Some things you might want to consider before it arrives:

Honestly? You will receive everything you need in your box.

The only thing I would recommend for those early weeks is a trusty green Thermomix scrubbing brush to make cleaning your bowl super easy. But any soft brush will work. I find that the accessories people tend to buy are general kitchen accessories opposed to specie Thermomix accessories. Have a play for the first few weeks and then decide what extras you will need.

At delivery your consultant will go through the TM6 in detail. They will also make a batch of veggie stock paste with you. This gives your consultant a chance to check the machine over but also allows you to jump straight into cooking with it. Exciting! Your consultant will let you know what ingredients you need. Just be sure to have a container or jar ready to store your stock paste.

Hot tip: have ingredients ready for a batch of custard or fruity dream that you can cook after delivery. It gets you using the machine again quickly AND you get to enjoy a delicious treat.

If you scroll further down I go into this in much more detail including a handy image you can save or print. You may find in the first few weeks of owning a Thermomix your grocery bill may be slightly higher as you stock up on some staples. People generally find they save money as time goes on.

Start thinking about where your Thermomix will sit once it arrives. You will want your Thermomix to sit on a flat bench, away from any overhanging cupboards due to steam.

There are so many places to find recipes these days. When I purchased my first tmx back in 2012 there wasn’t a lot out there. You are so lucky to have so many high quality recipes at your finger tips. Below I have included a list of amazing places you can visit of lots of recipe inspiration. Start thinking about what sort of recipes you would like to cook. Create a list of “must try recipes”.

MC? TMX? steaming attachment? What are you all talking about?

It sometimes feels like Thermomix users speak another language doesn’t it? It took me awhile to get used to the terminology but now I rattle it off with the best of them. Here are just some of the most common terms you will see people saying.


Everyday Cookbook, this was the original cookbook people received when they purchased a TM5 or TM6. You might see people talking about it in your travels around the internet.


The measuring cup that comes with the machine and fits nicely into the lid.


Thermomix shortened.

Interval speed:

This is your kneading function. On the TM6 you will find this function on your modes screen.

Varoma/Steaming temperature:

this is the temperature used to steam your food in the Varoma.

Varoma/Steaming attachment:

the steaming attachment that sits on top of your machine for steaming.

Butterfly/Whisk attachment:

The attachment you use for whipping. It works like a whisk.

Where do I find recipes?

My blog of course! My blog has over 400 free recipes and I have published 9 books to date. There is something for everyone here. Ok enough about me. Seriously though, the beauty of the thermo cooking community is there are so many great places you can find recipes.

When you receive your Thermomix machine you will also receive a copy of The Basic Cookbook. This is your go to book with 120 recipes. The recipes are great for starting out and are still some of my most loved ones.  My advice is to go through The Basic Cookbook with some post it notes and highlight all the recipes you would like to try. Work your way through them when your machine arrives. With each recipe you try your confidence will grow and will expose you to more of its features and benefits.

Other great places include:

The Thermomix Recipe Community is brilliant! With well over 27,000 recipes, as of May 2020, you will be sure to find something to try! If not, experiment and be sure to upload your recipe if it’s a success. Please note: majority of the recipes here are not tested. So be sure to read the reviews before commencing a recipe.

Google is also your friend. All you have to do is type “Thermomix spaghetti recipe” and lots will show up. Even a search of “Thermomix banana (or any ingredient)” will provide you with lots of options.

Like FB pages/blogs that post lots of original recipes and online links – it exposes you to more things you can try. There was nothing more frustrating than seeing a great recipe and not being able to cook it because the person got it from a cookbook and it can’t be posted due to copyright. In saying that like as many pages as you can. You will learn so much.

Come join my Facebook group “The road to loving my Thermomix Question Group” – ask questions. Lots of them! No question is silly. Members of this group are owners, consultants, want to be owners, “therminators”, people struggling… there is someone who can help.

Visit my Facebook page, Pinterest or Instagram if you haven’t already for hundreds of ideas, hints and great recipes – food and non food!

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Time to stock the pantry

These are some of the items I find I use most now having a Thermomix and are the most commonly suggested items from likers of my page when I ask the question “what items should I stock up on before receiving my tmx?”. This is just a compilation from all of your suggestions.

This is a guide only. There will be items there you don’t like or don’t suit your family. You will find there are many other products you will buy regularly or things listed here of no interest. Every family is different. Pick and choose what works for you.

Having a good variety of these in your kitchen will mean you will be able to cook an abundance of meals from The Basic Cookbook and my blog.

After delivery

All thermo cooker machines will come with their own instruction manual and recipe booklet. Read these back to front.

Start experimenting! Go to the list of “must try recipes” you created earlier and start working your way through them.

I am real over here so want to mention that sometimes there are a few thermo-fails. That is completely normal (SO normal!). Just keep experimenting and using you machine as much as you can in those early days and you will soon find your rhythm. Some will take to it easily and some struggle in those first few weeks.

Keep in touch with your consultant. They are there to help and a wealth of knowledge.

Come join my Facebook group “The road to loving my Thermomix Question Group” – we would love to have you as part of our community and support you on your Thermomix journey.

Last but not least, have fun! Enjoy this second pair of hands in the kitchen. Enjoy t he money you will save and the extra time you will gain. Just enjoy.