In 2013 I started a little Facebook Page whilst on maternity leave from my Early Childhood Director position with my 3rd baby. I had been posting foodie pics to my personal page but a friend soon made fun of me so I started a Facebook page. “Come back to me when you have 40 likes” he laughed. That afternoon I proudly showed him I was well over 40 likes but more importantly, people liked seeing my cooking adventures and I had fun showing them. From there it grew. Quickly.

Fast forward to May 2020 and that little page now has over 114K likes and is my full time business.

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What am I all about?

I will keep it brief. I love food, I love cooking and I finally love my Thermomix. On my blog you wont find anything overly fancy. You will know all the ingredients. You won’t have to sell a kidney to afford said ingredients. You can have food on the table quickly. The kiddies will give their tick of approval (well most of the time!).

Kid friendly.

Budget friendly.

Time friendly.

That’s what I am about.

Don’t believe me? Head on over to the recipe section of my blog and check out OVER 400 recipes!

Are you new to the Thermomix?

Congrats! Are you excited? Nervous?

Regardless, you are about to have lots of experimenting in the kitchen (and nice full bellies!).

Creating meals and dishes in a Thermomix is a whole new way of cooking.

I have created this resource to help you in the lead up to receiving your machine.

Start prepping, get your pantry ready and learn the Thermomix lingo!

Struggling on the road to loving your Thermomix?

As you can tell from the name, it took me some time to fall in love with my Thermomix. A long time.

Like everyone else I was excited to receive my TMX. This was going to be amazing. I was going to change the world with this machine and it would somehow warp me into some Nigella Lawson like super mum. Wrong! My machine arrived just as morning sickness with my third pregnancy kicked in so cooking quickly became a dreaded task, even with this amazing super mum creating machine (Spoiler alert: even when morning sickness passed I still didn’t love it. Couldn’t blame the pregnancy for that one).

As many of my friends know, I really struggled to see the benefits of the machine over the next 6 months. Everyone else was loving their machine and I was that crazy person who wasn’t seeing how great it was, who wasn’t referring to it as their fourth child and sleeping with it at night.

I tossed up whether it was time to cut my losses and make some money back by selling it.

Is the Thermomix for everyone? No. But click through to read more about my journey and how I turned it around.

Did you know I have a shop?

Maybe you are here because you heard about my fabulous books? Oh shucks!

When I was younger I would spend my afternoons and weekends collecting recipes and sticking them into scrapbooks. I know. Party animal here.

Fast forward A LOT of years and I am pretty chuffed to have published real books. MY books.

I have a range of ebooks and hard copy books available in my shop.

Among them are my most popular Mixing With Kids & Mixing It Slow series.

If you have any questions please sing out.

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Well I think that sums me up.

Have I forgotten anything? If you still have questions after reading this and exploring my blog please feel free to get in touch. I love to chat!