Another addition to our Lunchbox Show and Tell range. I have broken it up into three groups. My youngest son has what they call “Munch and Crunch” which is fruit, vegetables or cheese to share with friends. Then his main lunch followed by afternoon tea and additional snacks. I’m using his as the example.

Wraps are very popular here for lunch and great to have on standby in the freezer. They freeze and thaw well. Simply layer a piece of baking paper or freezer “go between” between each layer. A lot of people save the plastic sheets layered between store bought puff pastry and use those between wraps and other freezable items. How is that for great recycling!

My Tortillas/Wraps:
Munch and Crunch/Morning Tea (to share)
  • Carrot “wheels” and cheese cubes


Main Lunch


Afternoon Tea/Additional Snacks