Here is day one of our new lunchbox show and tell series! It’s the end of the week so Im scraping the last few things from the fridge and pantry together. 
I have broken it up into three groups. My youngest son has what they call “Munch and Crunch” which is fruit, vegetables or cheese to share with friends. Then his main lunch followed by afternoon tea and additional snacks. I’m using his as the example. 

Hovering over the items listed below will give you a link to the recipe if applicable.

Munch and Crunch/Morning Tea
  • Watermelon pieces
Main Lunch
Afternoon Tea/Additional Snacks
I love packing things like frozen yoghurt, additional small drink bottles, smoothies or slushies as they help keep the lunchbox cool but also saves space by not needing a thick ice brick. 


Mango and other fruit slushies are very popular at the moment here. It defrosts just enough to have a nice icy drink/treat at lunch time. For these I just use ice, mango and water as per the recipe just leaving the nectar out. Most fruits work well for this.