I can’t thank you enough. I really can’t.

5 months ago I started this page for some fun and as a bit of a hobby as I had a newborn. Typing up recipes and editing photos on my phone was a great way to stay awake during the many many many (did I say many!?) nightly feeds. In fact I’m still doing this many, many, many times a night! Lol

I never imagined I’d reach 1000 let alone 30,000. I don’t ask for shares or for you to tell your friends to like me. I don’t do competitions for likes and I don’t ask you to share my photos in order to receive a recipe. So to see 30,000 people have liked this purely by word of mouth or seeing my name somewhere is beyond amazing.

I never dreamed starting this page would open up so many opportunities and create so many new friendships. I’ve met so many people, consultants and other page owners who I call dear friends.

So thank you, thank you, thank you. This page wouldn’t be what it is without you all <3