Watermelon Kiwi Juice

Today the boys helped me make some juice for afternoon tea. Very very easy!!! We blitzed three peeled kiwi fruits on speed 5 for 20 secs. To that we added 800g of chopped watermelon. Blitz on speed 9 for 30 secs to chop up the seeds. This was a bit too "pulpy" for the boys so I ended up straining their serve through a nut bag for them. The rest was frozen into icy poles for another day.

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Watermelon Slushies

 Just what we need after school! I'm not the hugest fan of these but my boys love these with a passion.    A little added mint is a nice addition too for something a little different.    The quantaties are approximate depending on how you like your consistency.    If you want it a little sweeter add a tablespoon of fine rose sugar or similar to it for a sweet flavour hit along with the watermelon.     

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Mango Slushies

I recently bought a drink mix that tasted delicious but wasn't the most cost effective option and full of things I've never heard of before. Goodness me it was delicious though!    I thought I'd create something similar. It doesn't taste exactly the same but is yummy and refreshing after a hot day. This has become an almost daily after school and lunchbox treat.    A little vodka added to it wouldn't go astray too for the adults!    This is really something that varies depending on your tastes and consistency preferences but below is how we do it.       

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