This post is brought to you by My Lil Ice Pops.


I was recently sent some My Lil Ice Pops to try out a few weeks ago by the lovely Sarah at My Lil Pouch. These are a brand new item Sarah is now stocking and boy did they come at the right time – right before we had some lovely warm weather here in Canberra.

Who is My Lil Pouch?

Sarah runs My Lil Pouch which is the business that created the My Lil Ice Pops brand. She is an Australian based mum of two, yes two, sets of twins 5 years and under so she knows what families want – products that are easy to use but are also budget family and high quality.

My Lil Ice Pops is based in Queensland.

What are My Lil Ice Pops?

My Lil Ice Pops are 100% FDA approved food grade silicone, freezer safe tubes that make homemade ice block and ice creams a breeze. These are perfect coming into the warmer months.

These are a reusable tube rather than disposable. Being dishwasher safe they are easy to clean. They are designed to be used over and over again.

Each tube holds 100mls. Fill them with fresh fruit juices,  smoothies, home made ice cream or yoghurt for a delicious and easy treat without all the added sugars and numbers. These are great for families that have allergies as you control exactly what goes into them.

Another benefit of these is  due to the food grade silicone, little teeth have difficultly biting through these and damaging them. As Sarah points out, these make a great treat AND a teething relief for little ones!

The My Lil Ice Pops come in a variety of different packs. Below are just come of the colour options. You can see more here.

pink-purpleblue-green1 yellow-orangerainbow-pack 


They are extremely easy to use that even the kiddies can help.

Simply remove the lid from the tube, very easy for kiddies to do, fill the tubes using a jug filled with your desired filling.

Be sure not to overfill. As we know things expand during the freezing process so you don’t want the lid popping off in the freezer.    

Pop into the freezer for 8-12 hours to freeze.

Once ready, remove lid, push ice block up and enjoy. If they are a little hard to push up, simply run under some warm water for a few seconds. It’s really that simple!


Filling ideas:

Sarah does regularly post filling ideas on her Facebook page so be sure to head over and like it. Fill with:

  • Fresh fruit juice made in your Thermomix (even just blitzed watermelon makes a yummy ice block).
  • Custard as is or with a little cocoa through it makes a delicious ice cream.
  • Yoghurt with puree fruit or coulis through it. Yum!
  • Green smoothies or smoothies are delicious frozen and filled with goodness.
  • Leftover iced chocolate or coffee is great frozen. Iced teas also freeze beautifully.
  • Diluted fruit cordial are a very easy and quick option. making cordial in your Thermomix is a breeze too!
  • Adults, don’t forget you can add a little alcohol to the mix for a delicious adult treat.

Want more ideas? Sarah has just released  an e-book with over 30 recipes. You can see more here.

pop-book-2-310x310Thinking outside the box:

Not only are these great for delicious summer treats there are also some other great uses for these:

  • Fill with breast milk for a treat safe for baby. If using formula, just check your tin to see if it is safe to be frozen.
  • Fill with snacks such as dried fruit or nuts.
  • Fill with stocks or tomato pastes and freeze.
  • These make great gifts in party bags.
  • Great stocking fillers.

My thoughts:

I will be honest and say after seeing similar ones on the market and before receiving these, I was a little skeptical. I was worried that  the lids would either be too hard to seal securely or that they wouldn’t seal correctly and pop open. After playing with them for a few weeks and testing them I have learnt that they are not only easy for the kiddies to use but the lids do stay on securely. I do store my Ice Pops upright though.

These are a great option for healthy ice blocks made at home. Due to the fact that they are reusable they are a very cost effective option for people who do not wish  to purchase disposable versions. If you have the time to clean and reuse, these will be great for you.

Some people will mention that you can purchase these cheaper from other places. Yes. You absolutely can. However with these My Lil Ice Pops you have the assurance that these are a food grade silicone and safe to use unlike other cheaper options. I find other cheaper options have issues with sealing securely. Also, I am a big supporter of small business. If I can buy from a work at home mum over a large retail store and still be cost effective and budget friendly for my family then I am all for that.

I think these are very affordable. Its is $3 a tube. I noticed whilst out today that a similar shaped ice block ranged between $2-3. So these will be a huge money saver in the warmer months.

The only improvement I would suggest would be to  include a fill line on the tube for people like me who are eager and poor too much, too quickly.


My Lil Ice Pops are offering 20% of your purchase. Simply enter MYLILPOUCH20 at checkout to take advantage of this discount. These would make the perfect Christmas present!

Order here: My Lil Ice Pops Website


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All photos used with permission from My Lil Ice Pops.