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What are Sinchies? 

Taken from Sinchies About Us page.
Modern mum’s in today’s fast-paced society face a range of competing demands when it comes to feeding their children. Topping this list are essential factors such as healthy eating, affordability, convenience and ease of preparation.

We have incorporated all four of these elements into one eco-friendly product, revolutionising the way we think about “fast food”.

Sinchies reusable food pouches are designed for feeding “on the run” with no bowl or spoon required. Home-made goodness with store bought convenience!

Parents can monitor exactly what goes into the pouch, ensuring their children receive optimum nutirition that is free from preservatives sugars or additives that are often found in pre-packaged foods.

Handy and easy to use – designed with a ziplock at the top for easy filling and a side spout so you can suck or pour the contents out. Simply mix up your own home-made goodness, healthy snacks, baby food, yoghurt, smoothie or fruit crusher, pour it in and zip it up.


New and Improved Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches


I did a review back in February 2014 of Sinchies but since then there have been some exciting new developments for the Sinchies team (aka the wonderful Sam).

Sinchies have recently expanded their reusable food pouch range.  In addition to the 80ml, 140ml, 200ml and 1 litre pouches you can now purchase a 500ml pouch and a reusable sandwich bag. More about those below.

Sinchies have improved the seal of the pouches making them even more sturdier and make it even harder to pop open. The double ziplock prevents any spills in the lunchbox or school bag. Whilst I have never had the old model open up on me I think this is a great addition.

A great feature to these  is the new “max fill” line. Why is this great? Because I ALWAYS overfill my Sinchies by putting too much in and then it overflowing as I attempt to seal them. This max line now gives me an indication when to stop filling so I can do the pouch up without any mess. My little tip: Use a sauce bottle to fill your Sinchies to avoid mess. Simply squeeze your filling into the pouches from the bottle. I know some people use piping bags or large syringes too. You can certainly use a spoon, however I find I make a mess when I do.

Why a high speed blender like a tmx and Sinchies are a great pair:

  • Store your tmx stock in the sinchies either ion the fridge or freezer.
  • For storing your thermo made yoghurts and custards. We all know how much cheaper it is to make your own.
  • For storing spice blends. These store nicely in the Sinchies pops.
  • Storing or serving smoothies, slushies and milkshakes. Have them frozen in the freezer and pop out as needed.
  • Storing and freezing smooth soups.
  • Baby purees are so quick, easy and cost effective to make in the tmx. Simply store or freeze in the pouches.
  • Freezing tomato pastes and sauces for later use.
  • Rice or chia puddings can be made in a Sinchies pouch and consumed the next morning.

NEW Sinchies 500ml pouches


Sinchies listen to their customers! After many requests, Sinchies released their 500ml pouches in August 2014.

I find this to be a really good size to store an adult serving of food and pop into the freezer. These are also the perfect size for adult size smoothies and slushies that you can make so easily in your tmx. They are great to store your stock in. I use a 1 litre Sinchies pouch to store my tmx made vegetable stock concentrate so this would be perfect for when I make half batches. It makes it so easy to store and simply squeeze out as needed. I know the 500ml is going to be perfect for my homemade tomato paste and sauces.

More ideas can be found on Sinchies List of Ideas page on their website. 


NEW Sinchies Reusable Sandwich Bags

What I am most excited about is the new Sinchies Reusable Sandwich Bags. So much so I have already gone out and purchased more of these for our household. Something tells me I should have ordered more.

These are their BRAND NEW Reusable Sandwich Bag. Whilst I do have a stockpile of plastic sandwich containers I do love that these save on space in the school bag but are also much more cost effective. It also helps that I can easily see what is inside them and I can label the pouches if desired. For example: one thing I used to do quite a bit and need to get back into the habit of it making a bulk lot of sandwiches and popping them into the freezer. I would fill these mainly with ham and cheese so that they could be thawed and toasted at work or with fillings such as cheese and vegemite, jam, honey etc that can be thawed and eaten. When using sandwich containers it takes up a lot of room in the freezer and is quite expensive to purchase that many to be able to freeze a loaf or two worth of sandwiches. Whats even better is they even fit the nice large pieces of bread.

Not sure how to use them? Here are some of the ways I have or will be once my order arrives in the mail in conjunction with my tmx:

  • Storing sandwiches both fresh and frozen.
  • Taking pies, quiches, calzones, epenades, sushi, rice paper rolls to work.
  • Freezing shredded chicken or beef.
  • Storing your tmx grated cheeses either in the fridge or freezer.
  • Take a slice of banana bread and chopped up banana in there for morning tea or a snack.
  • Store individual portions of my cheesy popcorn or plain popcorn in them.
  • Storing excess thermo made breadcrumbs in the pantry or freezer.
  • Store cubes of baby food, tomato paste and stocks in them.
  • Freeze burgers and patties in these.
  • Freeze your pizza dough in these. Store a portion of dough for one pizza, tub of tomato paste and grated cheese in the one bag all ready for your next pizza night.
  • Breakfast in a bag – store your breakfast portion, like one of my granolas, in the bag to consume once at work. Be crazy and even pour the milk into the bag and eat from it. Don’t laugh. I know people who do this! I am sure a few of us have drunk fizzy drink or water from a bag in Asia?
  • Storing smoothies, stocks and marinades. Simply fill, seal and lay flat in the freezer one on top of another. Great space saver.

Some ideas that may be a little out of the box:

  • Chopped up veggie sticks sit nicely in these. Guess what? They are liquid tight so you can fill the bag with water too to keep the veggies extra crunchy!
  • Apple slices or fresh cut up fruit to snack on.
  • For a trail mix to snack on whilst out and about. Fill with dried fruit and nuts.
  • Use them to store single servings of potato chips or the like. It is much more cost effective to purchase a bulk pack.
  • I use one to store wet wipes when out and about as I often buy the big bulk packets to save money.
  • Pop a sewing kit or first aid kit into one and keep in the car. The pouch can work as a little rubbish bag if needed.
  • As a wetbag to store a wet pair of swimmers.
  • Use them as an ice pack! I often do these with the Sinchie Pops. Fill with water, seal and freeze flat. They are great in the lunchbox.

Anything you do with your usual ziplock bags you can do in these. The benefit of these over other brands? The are more durable, more cost effective as they are designed to be reusable unlike others and are a great size.

Like these ideas? You can easily do them in any of the Sinchies range.

Please note: Sinchies are currently manufacturing a thicker reusable sandwich bag so all current stock has been reduced to 50% off! I love the current model and haven’t had any issues (and even ordered more just the other night) however if you are concerned be sure to like Sinchies on Facebook to stay up to date with when the new ones arrive.


Cleaning Sinchies

This is what I wrote from my review of Sinchies back in February when reviewing them for the first time:

Cleaning was another thing I was worried about but it was relatively easy. I washed the Sinchies up both straight away and left overnight. Both were as easy to clean. I just washed them in hot soapy water and used a toothbrush to get into the grooves. Even the mashed banana that sat overnight was quick and easy to clean.

For drying I dried them hanging over forks and spoons in a glass as shown below which I got from the fb page. They dried very quickly and I was able to use them again not long after. It was a nice surprise to see how easy they were to clean. I had put off buying these for a long time because of that.

6 months and on and we still use our Sinchies pouches on an almost daily basis. Whilst they are more work to clean than a container, for example, the benefits of these outweigh the washing up for me. It is now habit to wash and dry Sinchies. I simply use a toothbrush and hot soapy water to wash the Sinchies and then I dry them on a generic bottle drying rack. Sinchies do have their own drying rack for purchase.

They are dishwasher safe however I prefer to hand wash.

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Often when I post reviews about products like these I often receive feedback that pouches and sucking from them isn’t ideal for children and they should use cutlery. Absolutely. I want to stress that these products aren’t designed for a child to use to consume every meal from 7 days a week. Meals using cutlery, finger foods and textures are always encouraged and important. These are a great option whilst on the run, making your own puree for baby that are squeezed onto a spoon to be eaten, for the lunchbox for one meal etc. As Sinchies say in their About Us page – these are designed for eating on the run.

Ensure young children are supervised when using this product. It contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on. Sinchies do sell anti-choke lids and Sip’n Silicone lids.

Recipes for Sinchies

Sinchies have a fantastic recipe section on their website that gives you many fabulous ideas on how to use your Sinchies product. What is even better is a lot of them a very adaptable to the tmx. Some even include the tmx!

They have also created their own Sinchies Recipe Card set that gives you 20 different recipes on how you can use your Sinchies products to their full potential.




Congratulations Sinchies!

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How to purchase and discount code:

Head to the Sinchies website to purchase your Sinchies products.

Enter TRTLMT20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order! Offer ends Sunday 31st August 2014.

Sinchies even offer free gift wrapping! So they make for a perfect gift.




6 months on and I am still using and enjoying my Sinchie pouches. We have used them almost daily in this time and they were brilliant when my son was on homemade purees. I always had a freezer full of baby food in Sinchies (I found the 80ml and 140ml pouches great). Yes they can be a little more effort to dry and clean compared to containers etc but I’m happy to spend that little extra time cleaning them if it saves me money in the long run and my boys love them. Do I still use containers too? Absolutely. It is nice to have a variety of options available and sometimes all my Sinchies are already full of goodies in the freezer.

In the 6 months I believe I have only thrown out one Sinchies pouch as it was a bit well used (I have thrown one or two away when I found them at the bottom of the school bag after two weeks school holidays. Needless to say I had no desire to clean those babies!). Throwing the occasional one out still put me ahead in terms of savings.

As you can probably tell from this post I am so in love with the reusable sandwich bags and so glad that Sinchies have bought these onto the market. These will save me a fortune as I go through so many of the disposable ones monthly. I love that I can easily wash and dry them to re-use many times again without them deteriorating.

Still unsure? Like Sinchies Facebook page and see what others are saying.

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