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Thermomade Christmas gifts made in your tmx or similar machine for friends and family is not only easy and cost effective, it’s also a beautiful gift from the heart.

Below are just some of the items I like to place into hampers as Christmas gifts.

Baby’s First Christmas

A homemade batch of rusks or teething rings make a great addition to a gift for baby. Include a little print out of the recipe so Mum can make them too (Ideal from 4-6 months+ old).

A hamper of basics

These are great packaged in small jars with ribbon and a little tag easily identifying what is inside.There are some fantastic jars out there that make perfect gifts. Check out homeware stores, discount stores and your supermarket.

Throughout the year save your spice jars so you can make and gift your own blends or look at your local K-Mart etc for cute small jars that would be ideal.

Be sure to vacuum seal jars that contain sauces, liquids and jams.


Dry Mixes

Drink Mixes



Breakfast Goodies

Gift one of these delicious Granolas (Toasted Muesli)  in large jars with some thick ribbon and a recipe card hanging from it. A small metal scoop purchased from most homeware stores would be a great addition too. Your friends will thank you!

Savoury Goodies

Gift homemade crackers in beautiful cardboard boxes with some ribbon and a tag containing a few of your favorite dip recipes. Jars would work just as well too.

A box full of Sweets

These are great wrapped in cellophane or noodle boxes or get creative and use jars and ribbons. It’s amazing how great a jar, ribbon and a tag can look.

These look great grouped together in a wicker basket with a note attached. Again, recipes are always a great inclusion.

Balls and Small Bites


Breads and Loaves


Chocolate and Confectionery

Slices and Bars

Beautiful Candles

Please be sure to read the below post and disclaimer in full before attempting to make your own candles.

Children’s Homemade Art and Craft Supplies

These are great placed into a small tub for children. Have a nice big label on it with their name eg: ” Williams BIG box of craft” and add some different sized paper, pencils, paint brushes and playdough cutters for a complete gift. Oh, don’t forget the apron too!

Why not create a little booklet for them too with all the recipes. Photos of step by step instructions would be brilliant for younger children.

Homemade Beauty Products

Again, these in beautiful jars or plastic tubs make great gifts. Ebay has some great ones otherwise visit your local beauty supply shop for a range of greats vessels. Tubs or squeeze type bottle work well.

Group a few together for an impressive gift.

Household Items

Who wouldn’t love some homemade cleaning products? Ok. Maybe not many. But I would!