Don't forget to hold on to your citrus peels after juicing, making lemonade etc. Remove the peel from fruit, place into bowl and blitz at speed 10 until fine or at desired consistency. I then pop it into a labelled zip lock bag and straight into the freezer. That way I never have to buy fruit specifically for the zest.

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Lemon Hand Scrub

Well I have done food. I have done soy candles. I've also done children's homemade art and craft supplies.  Time for some home and beauty products made in the tmx don't you think? This is the first time I've actually made this. I used to buy this at an expensive store but to save some pennies I thought I'd give it at home. This can be used in the shower as a body scrub but I'll keep it in the laundry and kitchen as a hand scrub. It's good to use after working with dough as it helps get the dried on bits off. Use and wash off with warm [...]

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