Homemade Beetroot Wraps

Last week I released my brand new cookbook Mixing with Kids: Sneaky Veggies. I really wanted to share a recipe from the book with you all and ummed and ahhed about which one to share. The second I saw this one whilst scrolling through the pics I knew this was the one to share. If you have been following my blog for some time you will know I love homemade tortillas and wraps. My Spinach Wraps and my Tortillas are still two of the most popular recipes on my blog. SO good!  Making wraps/tortillas yourself is so so easy and they taste so much better than store-bought. I am sure [...]

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Cheesy Pesto Scrolls

I LOVE scrolls. When I first starting blogging I posted a recipe for scrolls which is still one of the most popular recipes on the blog. People love a good scroll. Whilst they take a bit of time and patience they are so worth it. You won't buy from a bakery again!  For years we were very basic and repetitive with our scrolls. They were either cheese and vegemite or a pizza type scroll with tomato paste, herbs, capsicum, ham/bacon, pineapple and cheese (so delicious by the way).  Lately I have been loving pesto anything! These pesto and cheese scrolls do not disappoint.  If you haven't got time to make [...]

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Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Chicken

  So many have you have already bought Mixing It Slow Volume 2 (THANK YOU!) but for those who haven't or are on the fence I thought I would share with you one of my favourite recipes with you so that you can get a taste of the book and my cooking style. This recipe is so versatile I am sure it will come a regular in your household. I love recipes that can be served in so many different ways such as: In fresh brioche rolls Over rice Over jacket potatoes topped with cheese In wraps with salad  As a pie filling  Serve in vol au vaunts  In a [...]

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5 Minute Tuna Salad

Join us  This delicious recipe comes from the brand new issue of The 4 Blades Magazine - The Fast Issue. This tuna salad is so versatile and quick, we are sure it will become a regular in your house. This is delicious served as is, in a sandwich with fresh crisp lettuce, on crunchy crackers, served as a dip or stirred through a lovely fresh salad. We told you it was versatile, didn’t we? Photo courtesy of The 4 Blades Magazine photography team. Tell me more about this issue We will help you make the most of the time you have in the kitchen! There are 45+ tried and tested Thermomix recipes in The [...]

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Cheese and Spinach Muffins

Join us Savoury muffins are something that are so yummy but not something I make often enough. This week I have been running a lunchbox theme here on the blog and I thought it wouldn't be complete without a delicious savoury muffin. They are a great alternative to sandwich. These are so yummy served cut in half with some shaved ham and relish for a different spin on lunch. Today is the third day of our fourth round of the #freezertolunchbox 5 day challenge. This edition is all about recreating store bought favourites and oh boy do we have delicious recipes this week. If you missed the challenge and want [...]

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Shredded Chicken

  I think this is one of my favourite things the Tmx can do! This is a great filler for a sandwich, healthy and much more cost effective than deli meats. I can buy chicken breasts for $8.99 a kilo (a little more for organic and or free range). If you have a look at the deli the cheapest processed chicken roll meat is over $12.00 a kilo. I know which one I prefer. I marinate two chicken breasts, cut into 6 pieces each, in a homemade marinade or seasoning blend and steam in the Varoma for 25 mins. I then pop them into the emptied bowl and blitz on [...]

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Fancy Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are ready for the oven!    I love being able to make bread and rolls easily rather than making a mad dash to the shops for a loaf.   I use my go to bread recipe that can be found in my bread tips here. Be sure to use a elastic dough for these that can be easily shaped.        

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Herb and Garlic Wraps

 This morning my three year old and I have been busy experimenting with some Christmas goodies and time got away with me so I  didn't get to make bread dough for lunch.  My Tortillas/Wraps: Herb and Garlic Wraps Spinach Wraps Plain Tortillas Coconut Oil Wraps

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Spinach Wraps

I love the store bought spinach wraps but they are quite expensive. I did the math on these and it's approximately $1 for 12 wraps. Bargain!!!  My Tortillas/Wraps: Herb and Garlic Wraps Spinach Wraps Plain Tortillas Coconut Oil Wraps    The 4 Blades have a great gluten free option that I have heard great things about. I'm yet to try it.

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