22 04, 2019

Homemade Beetroot Wraps

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Last week I released my brand new cookbook Mixing with Kids: Sneaky Veggies. I really wanted to share a recipe from the book with you all and ummed and ahhed about which one to share. The second I saw this one whilst scrolling through the pics I knew this was the one to share. If you have been following my blog for some time you will know I love homemade tortillas and wraps. My Spinach Wraps and my Tortillas are [...]

15 04, 2019

Cheesy Pesto Scrolls

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I LOVE scrolls. When I first starting blogging I posted a recipe for scrolls which is still one of the most popular recipes on the blog. People love a good scroll. Whilst they take a bit of time and patience they are so worth it. You won't buy from a bakery again!  For years we were very basic and repetitive with our scrolls. They were either cheese and vegemite or a pizza type scroll with tomato paste, herbs, capsicum, ham/bacon, [...]

13 09, 2014

Soft Fluffy Bread Rolls

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   I have had so many great reviews on my soft fluffy white bread tips and recipes that I thought I would make a specific bread roll post. These are great for hamburgers or to have in the lunchbox.   You can use your hands to knead the dough. Simply bring all the ingredients together with your hands until a slight dough forms.  Be sure to knead the dough well for about 5 to 10 minutes by hand. It’s a [...]

23 08, 2014

6 Seed Bread

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  I have had so many great reviews on my soft fluffy white bread tips and recipes that I thought I better add a seed option to the list. This is my 6 Seed Bread!I will add this recipe to my bread tips and recipe section. I LOVE seeded bread. I love the taste of all the seeds together. This 6 Seed Bread includes sesame, poppy, chia, flax, sunflower seeds and pepitas. Together it makes for a delicious bread. Its [...]

22 08, 2014

Cheese and Vegemite Twist

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Do your kiddies like Vegemite and cheese scrolls? They will love this Cheese and Vegemite Twist if so! My boys love this twist and request  it all the time. It's great for a weekend lunch or to be popped in to the lunchbox in place of a sandwich. A little tip: If you are finding your Vegemite to hard to spread pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so to soften it. Try my Cheese and Herb Bread [...]

16 08, 2014


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  Scones are always a big hit in most households. I have never had a great deal of success with them until recently. Lemonade scones are something I have been making for years (as has almost everyone I know) and this recipe is a slight change from them. It uses soda water and sugar in place of lemonade to reduce the amount of overall sugar. There are some tips to scone making which are important to remember -  Do not [...]

7 08, 2014

Garlic Parmesan Twists

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  This post contains an affiliate link. I love experimenting with dough. With one basic recipe you can do so much. These Garlic Parmesan Twists are another one of my experiments and I must say they are sooooo delicious. They have a crunchy outer shell with a soft chewy inside full of garlic parmesan goodness. These are a great alternative to bread for those nights you have soup or risottos. They are also yummy dipped into dips as well or [...]

5 07, 2014

Pizza Wheels

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  Those that know me know I love dough. I love creating new things that are a little different to your standard loaf or pizza. I originally saw this as just a picture  with no recipe or instructions months ago on Pinterest and of course started recreating it in my head using my recipes and preferred ingredients. This is a fun alternative to your usual pizza night. They look impressive but really aren't much more work. Maybe an extra few [...]

28 06, 2014

Cheese and Herb Bread Twist

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  I posted a photo of this the other day before baking and it certainly was popular. There is something about homemade bread that gets people excited. This may look difficult but it really is easy. Remember, I'm far from fancy! This makes a huge twist that will serve up to 8 adults. You can certainly halve this recipe to feed a smaller family. You can always split the dough into two, eat one and freeze one. This was still [...]

5 06, 2014

Parmasen Garlic Bread Wheel

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I saw a picture for something similar on Pinterest the other day but there was no recipe or flavour suggestions so thought Id recreate it. I love experimenting with dough and doing different things with it. Its so adaptable and versatile. I made this to go alongside pizzas but it would be great to dip in soup. Just rip off strips , dip and eat. Yum! You could vary the flavours. Bacon would work well, spring onion or semi dried [...]

19 04, 2014

Hot Cross Buns

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 Join us   This week I have posted my Hot Cross Loaf and Hot Cross Cookie recipes but this was my first ever attempt at Hot Cross Buns. I looked at a variety of recipes and came up with this one to suit our  tastes.   This recipe does not have any bread improver in it. If I'm making bread for friends and don't want to risk it being a flop I'll add just a little in. If you want [...]

19 04, 2014

Hot Cross Loaf

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Join us   This is something a little different to the usual hot cross buns. This would be yummy freshly baked on Easter morning. You can let the mixture rise overnight in the fridge, knock down in the morning and rise for another 30-45 minutes before baking. Fresh is best though I find with bread.   This recipe does have bread improver in it. If I'm making bread for friends and don't want to risk it being a flop I'll [...]

16 04, 2014

Spinach and Cheese Wreath

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 Thank you internet for this idea! I had seen a photo of a pesto version and thought Id try my own version. This was yesterdays experiment and it was deeeeelicious! My 4 year old couldn't get enough whilst my 5 year old insisted it tasted like "one hundred flies" but gobbled it up regardless! Kids hey.    I kept this very basic as the kiddies were eating it so the filling could be experimented with further. Next time I would [...]

19 03, 2014

Cheesy Garlic Squares

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These are a huge hit in our house on pizza night or when we want something a little different to garlic bread. These also go great alongside my Potato and Bacon Soup.   You can easily make a double batch to make two.    More garlic bread alternatives:  Cheese and Bacon Bread Balls Cheesy and Herb Cob Loaf Pull Apart Cheesy Herb Pull Apart Garlic Butter Rolls Garlic Cheese Bread Balls  Herb Elephant Ears     [...]

6 03, 2014

Cheesy Herb Pull Apart

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We are off to a BBQ with family tonight. I have my Cheesy Herb Pull Apart ready to bake once there, lemon chermoula marinated chicken and a violet crumble cheesecake to take along thanks to the tmx.   This is a great twist on the Herb and Garlic Pull Apart.       

6 03, 2014

Cheese and Bacon Rolls

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You can't beat homemade Cheese and Bacon Rolls!   Spread a little tomato paste down over the risen bread dough, top with cheese and bacon for a pizza style roll. Why not be crazy and add pineapple or olives too? The options are endless. You can easily make a roll that suits everyone.For tops on how to achieve soft fluffy bread every time, please see my Soft bread in the Thermomix is possibe! document.           [...]

12 02, 2014

Coconut Oil Wraps

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The other day I went to make some Tortillas for dinner and realised I had run out of olive oil.    Never fear! Coconut oil to the rescue! I used a unrefined virgin coconut oil so it has a delicious coconut flavour. These coconut flavoured wraps work really well with curry or tandoori chicken/tofu/vegetables.    My partner said he preferred these over my normal ones. Big call buddy!   You can vary the flavour of the wraps by adding some [...]

21 01, 2014

Pizza Pops

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  An easy but delicious lunch here today! These are like my pizza pockets but a bite size, pull apart version. GREAT for the kiddies and especially for parties or lunchboxes. Simply roll out small balls of pizza dough of choice. I use the below recipe of mine. This is plenty for 32 pizza pops. You can halve it if you prefer if you want a tray of 16 as shown in the photo. For 32 pizza pops you [...]

10 01, 2014

Herb Elephant Ears

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I'm loving this bread and have been busting to show you! We had this with pizzas last night as something a bit different to garlic bread.   The layers just peel away from each other. The top is so yummy and crunchy and the bread is so soft and flavoursome.   This is a super easy and very quick way to put together a pull apart loaf.          

8 01, 2014

Cheese and Bacon Bread Balls

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The other day I posted my Garlic and Cheese Bread Balls which were a huge hit. I can never pick what you will all like or hate haha!   Today I thought I would make a bigger batch with some different flavours.    These are great for BBQs or as an addition to a pizza or pasta dinner. They make about 35 pieces and just pull away from one another.    You can vary the flavours to suit your tastes [...]