This morning I talked about a varoma cooking and sharing adventure as it looks like a lot of us aren’t using it as much as we should.
Let’s get varoma-ing and share our experience!!! I’ll turn this into a printable document for everyone as well so you can turn into a varoma genius when you’re ready and in your own time. 
So how does this work: 
I would like everyone to be able to participate and cooking the recipes posted so with that in mind (and to not breech copyright) there are three options for creating your varoma meal and posting:
1. Using the EDC that comes with your machine to cook a meal. Post your photo, review, experience on my wall. Do not post the recipe. That will breech copyright. Just the version of EDC and a page number. 
2. Utilise the recipe community. Try a varoma meal from there, post your photo on my wall with your experience, review and a link.
3. Create your own! I would love to see all your original varoma recipes! 
Post your photo and recipe on my wall.
* Note: Anything that breeches copyright will be deleted. 
Now what? 
* Each day/week (depending how many recipes we get) I will do a summary of all the recipes posted in that period to inspire you to try. I will place this on the blog and link on my fb page as well. That way you can share, tweet, pin and print when you are ready to varoma!
* Once a week I’ll pick a “Varoma Meal of the Week” and post it.  Ill pin it to the top of my page for easy access. It will have a special feature on my blog also. That’s your challenge for the next week to try if you are up for it. Come back and post how you went.
* At the end of the month I will turn this into a document you can print. 
How does the cookbook work?
* Those who shared a picture and recipe from the EDC and RC will have their photo and suggestion put into the front of the book if you are comfortable with this. 
* Those who created original recipes will have their recipe published in the book and credited as their creation using first name or full name, whichever they prefer. If you don’t want it in the book that is respected and will not be included. 
* Once compiled (bare with me on this as I’ll be doing it in my own time, around my family with no charge) it will be available for downloading and printing. 

*** Recipes will be used at my discretion ***