You are all probably well aware but thought Id post just in case. I always get caught up thinking I need to do fancy things with the Tmx and forget its great for simple basics.

I wasn’t a fan of the tmx grated cheese texture but have since come around.

A block of cheese is about $2-4 cheaper than a bag of grated/shredded at my supermarket so have, as of this week, bought a block and grated it in the tmx. I have kept half in a container in the fridge and half in a zip lock bag in the freezer. I’ll continue with this. That’s just one of the many money savers!

I place no more than 200g cubed cheese in bowl. Either turbo 5 times or blitz on speed 7 for approximately 6-8 secs until desired texture is achieved.

See here for my Flavoured Cheese.