Those that know me know that if you gave me an hour in an Allen’s lolly factory there would be nothing left! I love lollies.
In a bid to eat healthier I’ve made some nut and seed chocolate bars today that I can have a little piece of when cravings set in. I used to take these for my bestie and I to eat whilst watching ice hockey. Saves money and healthier (just be wary of people with nut allergies).
Are these completely healthy? No. But they are a lot more healthy than the 584kgs of lollies I eat in one sitting.
Sometimes just a small change is what you need to eat healthier. It doesn’t have to be 100% healthy necessarily as long as its a healthier choice then before in my books. It can get too overwhelming otherwise.
Add dried fruit to these if you like.

{Nut and Seed Chocolate Bars}
250g good quality cooking chocolate, dark is best but I used milk
150g roasted almonds, I did this in the oven
20g toasted coconut, again in oven
45g Pepitas
25g sunflower seeds
10g chia seeds

Line a square 20×20 tray with baking paper (or any tray).
Melt chocolate in tmx at 50 degrees, speed 3 until melted. This takes me about 3-4 minutes with chocolate melts. I just watch it. Remove once melted and glossy. Remember to scrape down the sides every minute or so.
Add remaining ingredients.
Blitz on speed 4 until just combined. Will only take 5-10 seconds.
Pour into tin. Smooth out and pop into the fridge. Slice into small pieces or bars when set.
I keep mine in the fridge.

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