My lovely friend Kristel recommended this recipe to me (link below). It was so easy to make. Much easier than expected. Very straightforward.

I added roasted almonds, toasted shredded coconut and white chocolate to my nougat. The options are endless.

I’m not a huge honey fan and this has a very very strong honey  flavour (obviously as it has 400g of honey in it! Haha). My partner loves it though and it was a great addition to the Christmas hampers.

Here are Kristels tips which helped me immensely:

  • It does make a bit of a sticky mess of the bowl and spatula but a quick soak in a sink of hot soapy water and it all came straight off with just a normal chux.
  • Also, most recipes called for edible rice paper but I read one that said as long as you grease the pan well first, it is fine to set it straight in. I used a silicone cake tin and greased it with butter first and it worked fine (It also worked well for me – Peta).
  • Grease the spatula first.
  • Once the cooking process is finished, work quickly because it begins to set almost instantly so prepare the nuts etc before cooking so you can work quickly once cooking time is up
  • Don’t start using your fingers! Use 2 spatulas.

Original nougat recipe can be found here.

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