I finally did it! Yes Im the last person on the curried egg bandwagon again.

So simple! All I did was put three eggs into the basket, into the bowl and top with cold water, just enough to cover the eggs. Using cold water helps prevent cracking the egg shells. 
Set timer to 16 mins, speed 2, varoma temperature. These were just cooked through. If I was eating these as is, I would cook a little longer.
Once done I removed the basket, pour out the water (save the water for your veggie garden, worn farm or plants) and shelled the eggs.
Popped them straight into the bowl along with a little butter, curry powder, salt and pepper. Blitz on reverse, speed 4 for 4-5 seconds. 
Everyone has their own curried egg recipe so use what suits you. Thermomade mayonnaise would be delicious.
Serve on fresh bread with salad for a delicious lunch! 

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