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Today there is lots of great original recipes submitted. If I have forgotten your don’t worry! It will be included. I’m just pacing the recipes so it isn’t too many at once.


Coconut Rice with Steamed Veg and Honey Soy Chicken Skewers 
An original recipe by Shea E



1/3 cup ketcap manis 
2 tablespoons honey 
1 garlic clove, crushed 
2cm piece of ginger, grated 
Sesame seeds 

Coconut Rice: 
400g Rice 
3 cups ChickenStock (I use water and 2 tbs chicken stock paste) 
1.5 cups Coconut Milk 

Veg to steam (carrots broccoli cauliflower etc), cut medium – large as the cook for 20 mins 500g 

Chicken breast, thighs or tenders for skewers (you don’t have to make skewers if you don’t want), diced or sliced 

Steps: Combine all marinade ingredients (except sesame seeds) in a bowl and marinade the chicken for at least 2 hours, or overnight. Place rice into the rice basket and rinse the rice in cold water.Combine stock and coconut milk in the jug ad then place the rice basket in the jug. Place veg to steam in the bottom tray of the varoma and the chicken on the top tray, sprinkling with sesame seeds. Place the lid and varoma on and set 20mins, varoma, speed 4 (I place a tea towel over the top as well) Once time is up check rice and veg and remove if needed, placing in the thermo server. Cook chicken a further 5mins,varoma, speed 4. (I don’t take my rice out at this stage, juts the veg. Serve by pouring the remaining cooking liquid over the rice and veg.

Honey & Soy Roast Chicken with Roast Vegetables 
An original recipe by Maxine M

1 medium chicken
1 tablespoon thermomix vegetable stock concentrate
2 medium onions cut into quarters
4 large potatoes cut in half lengthways
4 medium carrots cut in half lengthways
1 tablespoon olive oil (approx)
Salt & pepper
Optional baking paper
300 grams reserved stock
40 grams Corn flour for gravy (may need a little more for a thicker consistency)

Honey & soy sauce marinade
1/3 cup 80 grams soy sauce or tamari
2 clove garlic
¼ cup 60 grams honey
2 cm piece ginger
30 grams dry sherry

Prepare marinade
1. Combine soy/tamari, honey, ginger, sherry & garlic
Blitz 5 seconds.
2. Rub marinade over the chicken & inside the cavity. For extra flavour marinade & refrigerate for 1 hour.
3. Add 1.6 litres water & 1 tablespoon vegetable stock into mixing bowl. Place quartered onions & marinated chicken breast side down into Varoma Receptacle. Cook 30min/Varoma/ speed 2
4. Preheat oven 180 degrees for browning
5. Turn chicken over, check enough water is in mixing bowl. Baste chicken with any remaining marinade. Cook for 20min/Varoma/Speed 2.
6. Place potatoes into thermomix basket. Put the varoma with the chicken & the carrots around the top. Cook for 10min/Varoma/Speed 2.
7. Reserve 300 grams stock for gravy, keep the left-over stock for another meal or freeze.
8. Prepare baking tray – lightly grease with olive oil or use baking paper. Place chicken on tray. Roll the potatoes & carrots lightly in oil add salt & pepper place on baking tray. Roast the chicken for a 15 minutes in hot oven.
Internal heat for cooked chicken is 165 degrees.
9. Place 300 grams reserved stock & 40 grams corn flour in thermomix bowl. Blitz 10 seconds making sure the flour isn’t in the centre of blade. Cook 5 mins/100/speed 1.



Omlette/Fritatta Creation
Submitted by Ros H

Cut a piece of baking paper to fit the Varoma tray. Then I add some baby English Spinach, chopped red capsicum, diced tomato and some diced bacon. Season to taste. Lightly beat 4 or 5 (depending on size) eggs together with a fork. Pour over the top. Add 1lt of water to TM bowl and cook for 17 mins, Varoma temp, speed 3.



Zuchini Soup and Steamed Corn 
An originagl recipe by Kylie G


I blitzed up some onion and garlic c (one of each) and then chucked 1 chopped zucchini, 2-3 chopped potatoes and the 1-2 tablespoons of tmx veggie stock. Add water until its an inch below the max fill line. 
Cooked for 20 mins, varoma, with the corn on top. 
Blended speed 9 for 30 seconds. Add a heaped tablespoon of cream or sour cream. Blend again, done. I also add in 2-3 tablespoons of blue cheese if I have it in the fridge, it is yummy with the zucchini taste.



Cathys Satay Chicken
An original recipe by Cathy McF



2 cloves garlic
1 medium brown onion (cut in thin wedges)
15g peanut oil
500g chicken breast fillet (cut into thick strips)
270ml coconut milk
130g peanut butter
20-30g soy sauce (depending on how salty you like it)
1 tsp ground coriander
1/8 tsp chilli powder (this is very mild but is too hot for my daughter, so adjust to taste)
300g jasmine rice
800ml water
300g veggies of your choice (I use capsicum strips, julienne carrot, small florrets of broccoli & snow peas)

1. Weigh 300g rice into Thermo basket (rinse well with cold water while garlic & onion aren’t sautéing then set aside).
2. Put garlic in TM bowl.  Blitz – Speed 10 / 3-4sec
3. Add onion wedges and oil to bowl.  Sauté – Varoma / Speed 2 / 5min
4. Add chicken, 30ml (ONLY) of the coconut milk, peanut butter, soy sauce, coriander & chilli to the bowl.  Mix – Reverse Speed 1 / about 20 sec (just long enough to mix all ingredients and coat chicken in sauce)
5. Line Varoma tray with (well wrung out) wet baking paper.  Pour chicken mixture onto baking paper, ensuring some holes are unblocked to let steam through.  Place tray inside Varoma dish and put lid on.
6. Pour water and remaining coconut milk into bowl (no need to wash bowl after removing chicken mixture).  Put basket in place in the bowl.  Lock the lid on and place Varoma, with chicken, in place on top).  Cook – Varoma / Speed 4 / 20min
(if you haven’t already cut up your veggies, you can do it while the rice and chicken are cooking)
7. Remove rice and put into ThermoServer.  Insert butterfly onto bowl.  Carefully pick up chicken mixture in baking paper and pour into TM bowl.  Add a little water to the bowl if there is not enough sauce. Replace lid.  Put carrot, capsicum & broccoli into Varoma dish, replace Varoma lid and place back on top of bowl.  Cook – Varoma / Reverse / Speed 1 / 7min
8. Add snow peas to Varoma.  Cook – Varoma / Reverse / Speed 1 / 3min
9. Remove butterfly from bowl.  Add veggies into the bowl and mix with chicken and sauce gently.  Serve and enjoy!
Makes approx. 4-5 servings.

This makes enough for 3 adults & 2 kids meals in our house.

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